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  • Is there a way to get the custom fields to work on the front end with the nextgen public uploader plugin? I’m wanting to have the image’s custom fields filled out by the person uploading the image but cant find what I guess would be a hook for the custom fields I’ve created to use in the form.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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  • I too would like to know about this.. please anyone

    any solution for this… thanks



    This would be great, anyone ever come up with a way to make it happen?

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi all

    I did have a brief look at this some time ago. I remember concluding it was not possible with the lack of place to ‘hook’ into public uploader plugin.

    I am spending some time tinkering with nggcf, so I will add it to the list of things to investigate, but I’m pretty sure nothing will have changed.

    Cannot you contact the author of Public Uploader plugin to handle that? It would be really useful.

    Plugin Author shauno


    You guys just don’t give up, hey? 🙂

    I have contacted the author of NGG public uploader to see if he wouldn’t mind adding the things I need added. I will let you guys know what he says when I hear back.

    But even if he agrees, I still need to write all that code to get it working, so it’s not going to happen overnight. I still need to pay the bills with my day job.

    You guys just don’t give up, hey? 🙂

    Hehe, unfortunately you’re right!
    Hmm.. any news on this? (blushed face)

    Plugin Author shauno


    Unfortunately not mamouneyya. I emailed the author and haven’t heard anything back.

    I am considering writing my own uploader plugin, but I’m pretty swamped at my day job right now.

    I’m interested in this functionality too.

    I think what I will do for my current project is just add a couple of custom HTML fields to the NPU form, and then in the PHP combine them into the image’s description field.

    Might be the easiest. Hopefully only a few lines of code…



    That sounds like a solution that would work for me, though I don’t have the php knowledge to do it. Would you be willing to share the code if you get this working?

    Yeah I solved the problem for the Mazda Missions Blog by just combining some custom fields (name, email address, subscription yes/no) into the image’s description field. Take a look at the changes I made to npu_upload.php here:
    (the code I changed is in orange)

    or see this link for code in raw form:

    Sorry it’s not as simple or as clear as it could be. I don’t really have time at the moment to package it into an easy-to-use form, but hopefully it might help you get started.


    Thank you Simon for the quick response. I am going to work on this today and see if I can make it work 🙂

    Thanks again!

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