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  • Plugin Author shauno


    Hi mamouneyya

    Unfortunately this is definitely a problem. The plugin was originally put together for a specific purpose for a project. There was no real consideration of public distribution.
    But the fact it now has thousands of active installations leaves me the problem of legacy too. I cannot just update code that will break everyone else’s installations.

    All that being said, I would have thought that saving and displaying of the correct characters would have more to do with the pages “Content-Type” and the database’s character encoding.

    I have added this to a list of things to look at, but I am really short on time. I can’t promise any resolution any time soon.

    Sorry about that!

    It’s okay, shauno. I understand.

    If you remember, I was one of the many that were interested in connecting your plugin with Public Uploader.. so I paid for a freelancer to modify Public Uploader plugin for this purpose. I am telling this because I was mainly interested in having translated names (Arabic names) for the front-end form. Because while I can live with ASCII names in my back-end, I cannot provide them as they were for site guests. The freelancer I paid for came up with a simple workaround for it. He simply hardcoded an array for me so I can assign the labels I want for the fields using their keys that were set in the plugin back-end, and then using array items (new labels) for the front-end form.. dirty but works!

    By the way, I am waiting for the freelancer response to share the code. I’m pretty sure there are many, like me, that are looking for the same functionality.

    Plugin Author shauno


    I tried contacting the author of the public uploader plugin to get some hooks added but they didn’t get back to me. Unfortunately I couldn’t see a feasible way to add the functionality without having to modify his plugin, which would mean you can’t update it.

    I would be keen to see the solution the freelancer came up with, but I’m guessing they would have to change the public uploader code too.

    Yeah. He actually didn’t touch your plugin at all. He only modified Public Uploader.

    hi shauno.
    Would you please tell me how to change the code to unicode by myself .

    I am actually in a big trouble because of this! I have no idea what was I thinking of, but I’ve just realized that the same behavior is applicable to the field values! GOD.. how stupid I am! 😀 Well, that actually makes the workaround of the freelancer that I mentioned previously completely useless!

    shauno, I really know you’re busy, but I would be so thankful if you could direct me to any workaround.. even if I have to directly editing the plugin files, I would still be interested. I have to complete the project ASAP!

    Plugin Author shauno


    I am not even 100% sure of the problem. WP uses UTF-8 encoding for the backend. I am not sure if the characters you are trying to use are supported by that?
    My guess is it is the database encoding. I am not too familiar with character sets and encoding, but it really is something I should look into.

    Can you just give me an example of some of the text you are trying to use?

    Plugin Author shauno


    So I just looked a little harder, and it seems that NGG custom fields is not forcing UTF8 for its tables. I had assumed WP would force the correct encoding type, but it doesn’t.
    It does provide constants to use when building the tables, but I had overlooked them.

    I am not sure how changing the encoding with existing data will affect the database. I need to run some tests on old data to be sure I don’t screw the thousands of existing users happy with simple latin encoding.

    I will look into this ASAP, as it does need fixing. Hopefully I have something for testing ready in a couple days.

    Okay, I’m waiting. Thank you very much. This is an Arabic word if you want to test: تجربة (and yes, it is supported everywhere in WP)

    Plugin Author shauno


    I have committed a fix to the development version for you to test. You can download it by clicking “Development Version” from here:

    Make sure to deactivate and re-activate the plugin so it can alter the database tables accordingly.

    Please let me know if it works.

    (PS, this version also fixes some issues with apostrophes, so if you have quotes or slashes saved in field names or values, they may appear with an extra backslash. I plan on writing a patch for the actual release to fix those fields automatically)

    thank you very much, Shauno.
    A very fast respond on this development release.
    It works perfectly with ALL chinese character so far.

    Man, you’re my hero! 😀
    I can confirm this works perfectly with Arabic names also.

    Thank you from my heart! I’ll donate a few once I charge my credit card 😉

    Plugin Author shauno


    Sweet, I’m glad it works. I will push out a proper full release soon.

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