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  • Hey shauno,

    Thank you again or the plugin. I encountered an issue today and thought I would let you know.

    I have updated from 0.6 to 0.7 and have observed that when I create a custom text field for a gallery and leave it activated for all galleries, the field is listed twice under the first gallery and is not listed under any of the other galleries.

    To resolve the duplication problem, I go to the new custom field that I have defined, choose “edit linked galleries”, use the “none” option, save, use the “all” option, and save again. After this work-around, the field only appears once, but unfortunately appears only within the first gallery.

    I am running WP v2.8.3
    When updating, I disabled the plugin, uploaded the new version overwriting the old one, activated the new plugin, and visited the update URL which generated a success message.

    After encountering the issue, I deactivated, deleted, re-uploaded, reactivated, tested, had the same problem, ran upgrade link again, got success message, and tested again (had same issue).

    Edit: added more info

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  • Dangit.

    Never mind! I determined that this issue arose due to not having custom image fields assigned to the affected galleries. Once I added a custom image field, the the custom gallery fields worked. I’m not sure how the duplication was happening though.


    Hey goto10

    There is the potential for weirdness to happen with the gallery fields.

    Unfortunately there are no hooks in NextGEN that I could use to create gallery custom fields, so I needed to use the image field hooks, and run a bunch of sneaky javascript to get that to work. Basically, it was a hack.

    I have no idea why you saw duplication, but without having an image field for that gallery, the unexpected is possible.

    I’ve managed to get Alex (the NextGEN author) to add a couple hooks for me for future releases, maybe I can get this code neatened up with some input from him too.

    Thanks for the feedback, even if it was a false alarm 🙂

    Hi shauno,

    Thanks for the background info. That makes a lot of sense now.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re collaborating with the NextGen author. Your plugin adds some great functionality to that app.

    Have a good one!

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