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    Please do not confuse people.

    Facebook and Twitter are totally free.

    As soon as Google open up it’s own API for making automated posts (currently it’s read-only), Google+ will be free to. Until that plugin have to rely on whatever solution is available.

    no thanks guys!

    Actually, thank you guys, thank you a lot. You are saving me a lot of time.

    @musiczombie – there are no other solutions to post to Google+. It’s either that or you have to submit all your blog posts to Google+ manually. I value my time that this plugin saved me much more then $49.


    Blogger/Blogspot and LinkedIn are going to be paid addons?

    Can paid addons be installed in several domains?

    Also paid addons are updatable via wordpress plugin update feature?

    Thank you!!!

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    Only the networks that don’t have API like Google+ and Pinterest are not free.

    Both Blogger and LinkedIn have API, so they will be free. Blogger is already included BTW.

    Thank you NextScripts,

    Please notice when upgrading plugin, the paid addons stored in “apis” folder are deleted.

    1. Yes, that’s why we highly recommend to upload postToGooglePlus.php and postToPinterest.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder. This way those files won’t be deleted during the update.

    2. We did some research in LinkedIn API and found one roadblock. It’s API does support status updates to your own profile, but to the company you are an admin. This was officially confirmed by the LinkedIn – you can do API posts to company profile.

    So based on that we most probably will do two LinkedIn connectors, one for free that will allow to post to profiles and another non-free to post both to profiles and company pages.

    All are free except for Google+ and Pintrest. It’s only $49 to add them, and well worth the money if you post a lot to your blog. Think about how much time it will save you over the next few years! If not, just use all of the other free networks they post too. Still surprises me when people complain about something free.

    This plugin is fantastic – thanks so much! It’s made posting to Twitter and Facebook a breeze. But I’m confused about the LinkedIn API. Is the API for LinkedIn available now or is it yet to come? I have been trying to figure out how to set it up and the LinkedIn instructions or confusing – I am not well acquainted with the details of making APIs work. If its supposed to work now, I’d appreciate any help and direction. The LinkedIn page for adding an application does not let me complete the form, so I must be missing something.

    Just a matter of opinion here, and no disrespect to anyone. Having trawled through countless options to find a Google+ auto-poster, this plugin has saved me heaps of time and a lot of frustration every day.
    Its worth it for me to pay the $49 license for this functionality in the absence of an open API from Google.

    Nextscripts: thanks so much for your support reply with specific instructions on setting up the LinkedIn API. It works perfectly now!



    Is possible to post to LinkedIn company pages?

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    Regarding LinkedIn Company pages:

    You can see official LinkedIn answer here:

    in short: LinkedIn API does not allow posting to company pages from its API..

    We will be releasing our own API for LinkedIn to add this ability the same way we did with Google+ and Pinterest.

    Any ETA for Linkedin Company Page?

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    Version 2.2 with beta support for Linkedin Company pages has been released. Please update your plugin.



    Wow! Thanks!! 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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