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  • Hi, I’m pretty confident with making my own themes but haven’t done any delopment yet, however:

    I have a need for a widget that doesn’t seem to exist yet. Basically a sidebar widget that displays a numbered list of 10 songs (a playlist) that link to purchase those tracks on itunes or whatever.

    I want to make a widget that, when you are on the dashboard widgets page, there are 20 input boxes: 10x song names and 10x the URL of where you can buy. This is basically to simplify the things for the customer using the site.

    I’ve managed to get a widget template and have it so you can change the title (but that’s it). It currently displays a numbered list, but only because I echo the html for that in the code – it’s not created from the widgets page at all.

    Can someone tell me, or point me to a guide which says, how to create input boxes and formatting inside the widget options section in the dahsboard, which will then style that info and output it to the widget…

    Bit of a long request for a (hopefully) simple thing…



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  • I bet for a quick guide is where you can try your luck in utube or google in which you may find some tutorial 🙂

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    If you can change the title on the dashboard form, you’ve already created an input box. it’s just a matter of adding a bunch more and changing the label and field names. How the form appears is mainly a matter of just outputting the proper html as you would do on any page, except you’re sort of stuck with the backend’s css, but you can always use inline css if need be. You should be able to get an idea of what to do from the resources in Widgets_API#Resources.

    Hi, thanks for the responses.

    I have a plugin template, which came with the title input box already (as well as another text field and checkbox). I took my time to go through the code and now understand and have been able to make my own boxes.

    I’m getting it to output to the front-end, but I’m really struggling getting a box for what is essentially the link title and another for the URL – and then coding the widget so that it makes the title a clickable link when it is displayed on the blog.

    I can get it to output from my box, but two of the boxes I created don’t work and one does.. Basically what I’m asking is: Is there a good guide to creating the system and the output.

    The CSS isn’t a problem – I’m good with it and html, it’s just php that’s bringing me down!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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