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  • Hi Mike,

    The plugin is actually compatible with 2.8. I’m the plugin author and I have it running on 3 or 4 blogs at 2.8 with no problems.

    I have never tested the plugin with a bbpress install running along side, so I have no idea how it behaves with that.

    Do your registration notification emails come through if the plugin is disabled? Where are users being registered?

    HI Alex,

    The current registration notifications come directly from “WordPress”. I am also using “Community User” but I don’t think that should interfere. I am happy to hear that it has been tested with 2.8. I will try it again. I did a test using my own information and received the “you have a new user” notification but, as a user, never received my password…

    I did disable the plugin and re-test registration… both notifications came through (from wordpress).

    Thanks for supporting the work!


    Hi Alex,

    The plugin works for WordPress 2.8.2. The emails come through ok but for some reason the last letter is missed of the name of the sender ie. If you specify that new user emails should come from Admin then the email will say ‘Admi’ or instead of Administration it will say ‘Administratio’ . Have you any idea why this might be?


    I’m running on 2.8.3, no problems yet. Simple and sold for me.

    THanks much.



    Like @mindboggling I’m also getting the last letter chomped from the ‘from’ name.

    I’ve added and extra character as a work around.

    + It would be nice if the preview substituted some dummy data (the admin’s details for the variables in the preview, just to check they work correctly.



    Hi, I am using 2.8.4 and I received neither the admin info mail nor the mail sent to user for confirm registration. I did configure as suggested and faced no problem( I mean, no error message) during installation and activation of plugin. Can anyone suggest something on this ?


    Just as quest13, I’m using 2.8.6 and I received neither the modified admin info mail nor the mail sent to user for confirm registration.

    I and the user get the standard WP email.


    Hopefully the issue with the last letter being chopped off should be fixed.

    As for the emails not being sent, I’ve just tested the latest version on all versions again and I had no problems.

    Please check if you have any other plugins enabled that alter the registration process in any way, and that if you are registering users via wp-admin/user-new.php that “Send this password to the new user by email.” is checked.

    Some installs seem to have issues with the mail being sent regardless of my plugin, a quick search in these forums will come up with a lot of results for that, some of which have some solutions, such as using an SMTP mail plugin.

    I’m ready to give it another try but is it 2.9 compatible?


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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