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  • I’m also noticing the same bug. New users successfully register with their own password, but are then assigned random passwords, which can be very confusing for them.

    Is there a setting to not assign random passwords?

    I too am experiencing this. Basically, when a new user registers, the user is able to create their own username and password. After the registration is complete, the new user cannot log in until an admin has approved their account. This is fine.

    However, once the admin has approved the new user’s account, the new user receives an email with a completely different password associated with their newly-approved account. Also, this new password overrides the password that the new user originally created.

    Is there a way to disable this plugin from setting new passwords for newly-approved users?

    I’d prefer for new users to be able to use the password that they set for themselves during registration.

    Were you able to find a solution for this issue?

    No solution yet, I’m not using the plugin now. Hope to see an update on this soon.


    In the new-user-approve.php you can edit the plugin to work as you want. I have just commented out the $newpass line, to fix the password reset. Like this:

    if ( ! $bypass_password_reset ) {
    			// reset password to know what to send the user
    			//$new_pass = wp_generate_password();

    Remember that you also should edit the email that is sent to the user. You do that here:

    // format the message
    		$message  = sprintf( __( 'You have been approved to access %s', $this->plugin_id ), get_option( 'blogname' ) ) . "\r\n";
    		$message .= sprintf( __( 'Username: %s', $this->plugin_id ), $user_login ) . "\r\n";
    		if ( ! $bypass_password_reset ) {
    			$message .= sprintf( __( 'Password: %s', $this->plugin_id ), $new_pass ) . "\r\n";


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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