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  • I can confirm this…at least for the Default Theme is not being saved correctly. Haven’t tried other settings.

    I looked through the changelog of and 2.9.2, but did not see anything suspicious.

    Using 2.9.2 and the default theme is working for me. However the categories are not. Categories are being created just fine, but child categories are not being assigned to parent categories.

    Strangely the theme does indeed work at the blog itself, but if you check the admin appearance page of that blog, the ‘Default’ theme is still selected. Can you verify that as well?

    I upgraded to 2.9.2 and now the Pages > Add New menu item is not showing even though it is selected in New Blog Defaults.

    Deepest apologies. Wrong plugin. That setting is on the ds toggle admin menus plugin aka Menus. But still not working.

    Marius I can confirm that’s what’s happening for me too. I hadn’t noticed before. The on the subdomain blogs the theme under Appearance is the Default theme, but what’s actually showing as the theme is the one I have chosen. My chosen theme appears in the list of themes, but it’s not showing as the one activated.

    I’m having trouble with the categories in New Blog Defaults. I have set up some categories as per the documentation, it creates the categories fine, but the child categories are not listed under the parent categories they are just top level categories.

    I create all the parent categories first. I did a test and checked the parent category IDs, then I used those to assign each child category to it’s parent and created a 2nd test blog. The 2nd blog had the same ID for the parent categories, but the child categories still were not assigned to their parent category.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a known bug?

    Any ideas what could be happening, how to get it working?

    About the theme, the problem sits in switch_theme that NBD uses, and more precisely in the caching of option while WP_INSTALLING is defined.
    More explanation there :

    As a workaround, I added :

    if(defined('WP_INSTALLING')) {
      wp_cache_delete('template', 'options');
      wp_cache_delete('stylesheet', 'options');

    in wp-includes/theme.php in switch_theme(), after delete_option(‘current_theme’);

    Another problem, the default values of :

    • oEmbed media height: a default NULL value > 0px is used instead of WP one: 600
    • why add a distinct theme option and do it per-blog ? what is it useful for ?
      A get_site_option(‘cets_blog_defaults_options’)[“default_theme”] wouldn’t be enough ?
    • please use the same default settings from ../wp-admin/includes/schema.php in the plugins default ones 🙂

    Thanks for your all your work !

    I’m having a problem with the last version of Blog Defaults (1.5.1) and WPMU 2.9.2. Most of the functions work fine, but the Custom Permalink Structure is giving me problems. I’m trying to add the following permalink structure to the new blogs


    Along with a base category named “sections”, but when I create a new blog, the permalinks are damaged and every time I click on the posts, a 404 error is returned. I have to go to the Permalinks section under Options and hit Submit so they start working properly. While that may seem like a solution, I don’t see why it should behave like this, it’s going to be a problem to update manually dozens of blogs (which won’t be created at once anyway). Is there any solution?

    Okay, I’m coming up from the SharePoint depths to do some tweaks here. @drzraf – where did you add that code?

    @antaresmhd – there’s a bug in WP core with permalinks. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on exactly. The behavior has generally been inconsistent. I’ll take another look at whether there’s a consistent 404 with 2.9.2. (We’re waiting to just do the 3.0 upgrade, so I haven’t spent as much time dealing with 2.9.2 issues.)

    I think I have a fix for the theme issue. And, I may have a fix for the permalinks issue. As I’ve mentioned, it seems inconsistent. So, it’s working for me right now. But, that doesn’t mean it will continue to work. If you want to test for me, email me at deanna dot schneider at gmail dot com.

    Ron wrote this. will it help you in any way deanna?

    Yep, that’s the same sort of thing I did in the plugin. Got an offer for testing it and sent it off to the tester. If the tester finds it works, I’ll post the updates today.

    New version posted. It should update on the project shortly. It’s version 1.5.2. Thanks for your patience.

    trunk/ (1.5.2) did the trick,
    I don’t really know how, I don’t know if wordpress is buggy in this regards, but it works (the theme is properly setup without my workaround in the core theme.php
    As a side request, please could you tag this version if no regression happen ?

    Thanks a lot DeannaS.

    PS: you may be interested by the attachement of this post
    ( for widgets automatic instanciation
    (though can’t find the attachment through archive)

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