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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Haha! I thought your name looked familiar. 🙂

    If you used Domain Mapping but now want to create a new network, I’m not sure this plugin can help you. I know next to nothing about the domain mapping plugin and what it can/can’t do, but here’s what will need to be done:

    – undo the domain mapping
    – create the network
    – Move the blog that WAS mapped to to the new network

    So I enter the details like this …..

    Network name: My New Site

    Domain :

    Path :

    Root Site name : First Domain

    ….and create the new network.

    Now I need to do some magic on my domain server ?
    (All my URL’s are registered with the same hosting account, so they all have the same DNS anyway.)

    So on my server I assigned the domain “mynewsite” to the dir “firstdomain”?
    This just sent me to the “firstdomain”.

    What’s missing?

    (does this plugin mean I can do away with my domain mapping plugging altogether?)

    Plugin Author David Dean


    You’re thinking of it too much like domain mapping. Path is essentially just the address of the top-level site on the new network. In most cases, it’s simply “/”. So, you probably want something like this:

    Path: /

    And create the new network. This lets you create sites at /, /newyork, and whatever other path you’d like under that domain.

    If you created one with the settings you supplied, you should delete it.

    (I like the layout of the updated plugin.)

    So I have followed the instructions.

    It shows my new network in the network list and when I click on the 1 site that is associated with it (I checked the box to make a site at it’s root) I get :

    500 Internal Server Error …………..

    no blog has been created at the root.
    The last line of the server error log is :
    Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel debug’ to get a backtrace.

    Is that relevant, am I off on a tagent or am I just having a hard time?

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Sounds relevant to me. Do you still have domain mapping active? Including the sunrise.php file? if so, removing it might help troubleshoot.

    Does it actually report that no blog was created at the root? Or is that the “No site defined on this host” error?

    It sounded like DNS and your web server are set up correctly, since you pointed both domains at the same filesystem location. It wouldn’t hurt to turn on mod_rewrite debugging and see what it says if nothing else works out.

    Just so I could see how this works correctly, I moved away from my install with mapped domains.
    I went to fresh install of multi site and tried it there.

    WELL ……………….

    I moved bak to my live site.
    To cut a long story short, I have a working (I believe) second network.

    A lot of my links have broken, for images etc (I’m not sure why, but they are easily fixed.)

    I’m concerned to know whether a single login will keep me logged in across the various networks.

    (I’ve also noticed a few of my widgets have disappeared that are related to different plugins.)

    Hi David, I think I’m moving forward, but it’s diffcult to know.

    my questions:

    1) I’ve created from two networks, one of them reamins and the new one is

    I wanted to make a new site “new york” as part of the network of
    I have

    This newyork site (on creation) has identical properties to , so much so that if I create a new page for the “newyork” website, it appears in the menu of the site.
    In fact, it seems quite clear that these two sites are calling the same information.

    When I click on any link in the /newyork/ site, it takes me bak to the relevant page on the

    What’s going on ?

    oh yeah, Q2) If I log into I’m not logged into

    Is that the way it’s meant to be?
    I’d rather it enabled me (or rather my users) to log into the multiple networks.

    Plugin Author David Dean


    1 – That’s odd. How did you create the /newyork site? I would check your wp_blogs table to make sure everything looks normal.

    2 – the same login will let you log in to all your networks (provided you copied the site_admins sitemeta key, which is copied by default). But because the log in cookie is set with the original network’s domain, you have to log in to each separately.

    OK – I appear to have moved on.

    (very quickly Q2 … is there a way I could create something to pull the login information from one network to another and automatically log users in?)

    Q1. I have appeared to move on.
    I removed all blogs and networks and again started from scratch.

    Created the new network, I now have a blog there (I think)
    I have a dashboard and the functions to edit it, but when I go to the URL, I just have a plain blank white screen.

    Can I change this blogs blogid in the tables to trick it into thinking it is the blog that I previously created ?
    Is there another answer to this problem ?

    (Thanks for your time DD)

    cont … Q1 : I had edited the path to “/” from “//” because it didn’t make sense to me.
    I changed it back and now I have been directed to the “Debugging a WordPress Network” page.
    I hope this helps.

    I don’t think this ( the same issues someone might be facing when using the network plugin.
    I might be wrong.

    it appears “//” instead of “/” gets rid of my dashboard as well.
    So I have moved back to “/” for the time being.

    (I feel like I’m walking around in a sandstorm right now!)

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