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[resolved] Networks for WordPress, having multisites and multidomains -HELP (46 posts)

  1. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello all the good people,
    I have a main domain and have several other domains mapped to it such that people can create their own blogs on mapped domains. (using multisite and domain mapping)
    Pets.com -main domain
    cats.com -mapped domain 1
    dogs.com -mapped domain 2
    The problem is I can’t have same name sub-domains or sub-directory blogs on all three domains
    blog1.cats.com OR cats.com/blog1 -is fine.
    blog1.dogs.com OR dogs.com/blog1 -says this site is already reserved.
    blog1.pets.com OR pets.com/blog1 -says this site is already reserved.
    seems like WP is ignoring the domain name part
    Finally I came across this plugin *Networks for WordPress*, I am excited to know Will creating a network with this plugin solve the issue or is there other way around?
    I also want a single buddypress install on main network domain, so that people of one sub-network can also interact and be friends with people on other sub-network. Do you think “BP Multi Network plugin” will be helpful in this case ??
    I will be very-very thankful for any kind of support :)


  2. dgilmour
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I haven't used the plugin, but I see mentions this under "known issues":

    Plugins that create global (i.e. not blog-specific) tables will behave as though they are on a single network install. This is a limitation of WordPress's table naming scheme.

    As blog names are held in a global table, I would not expect the plugin to fix your issue, with the site continuing to offer "first come first served" rights to blog names.

  3. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    roxor - You would need to remove your mapped domains and recreate them as new networks. This would allow you to have blogs with the same path on all three domains.

    But be aware that having 3 networks means managing 3 sets of themes, plugins, and policies. Also be aware that any sitewide / network-wide aggregator plugins will probably not span all 3 networks.

    And my understanding is that BP Multi-network allows you to run multiple instances of BP by making the tables blog-specific, which is really the opposite of what you want. But you should check with the authors to confirm.

    dgilmour / roxor - I *think* the problem isn't that the blog names overlap (blogs are stored by ID), but that the URLs (real domain and path) overlap. WP doesn't know or care what you've mapped to those blogs.

  4. David, that's what dgilmour meant :)

    The blog 'name' (i.e. cats or dogs) is the 'path' name when unmapped, so WP only lets you have one.

  5. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ipstenu - I just added that to clarify that it's the combination of domain and blog "name" that must be unique, not the blog name itself.

    Since WP knows that the site/network domains differ, running multiple networks (e.g. with this plugin) allows you to use the blog "name" once per network.

  6. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi David,
    so I went ahead and tried the plugin.
    i followed the steps as mentioned-
    1- my DNS setup is fine.(all three lines green in network preview)
    2- Commented out DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php file.
    3- I also followed all the steps as mentioned on http://www.jerseyconnect.net/development/networks-for-wordpress/
    4- I have plugin install on my main site pidia.org
    5- I made 5 networks and added these domains pidia.us, pidia.in, pidia.co, pidia.eu, pidia.net
    So the problem now is if I make a site


    then I can't make other sites/usernames like

      test1.pidia.eu, test1.pidia.in, test1.pidia.co, test1.pidia.net, test1.pidia.org

    It says that username already excists, this site is already reserved :(
    I also tried a few combinations in advanced options but still no luck.
    Forgive me if I am doing something stupid, I am a newbie just 3 weeks since I started using WP.
    you can check the links, i also wanted to share the network passwords with you so that you could see what's going on at backside.
    also Ipstenu and dgilmour, thanks for the replies maybe you guys can also throw some light on it.

  7. Username isn't the same as blog name... But still, yeah, that sounds right to me. Blog names, like user names, must be unique.

  8. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hello ipstenu,
    if we have a network setup then atleast we should be able to have same blog names in each network.
    this was my orignal question on which David said it is possible.

    roxor - You would need to remove your mapped domains and recreate them as new networks. This would allow you to have blogs with the same path on all three domains.

    Do you think I am missing something & being wrong somewhere or It can-not be done with this plugin.

  9. I don't think David's right, actually. I'll ping some folks who should know more than I, though.

  10. You can't reuse *usernames* acros the networks.

  11. Well, usernames yeah. I just didn't think you could do sitenames either...

    Try username test1-b and sitename test1 on a network. See if that works.

  12. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    No luck either way, even if i put username test1b and try to register site name test1 on other networks it doesn’t happen.

  13. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Andrea, In my case I want unique usernames across the network, but blog/site names could be repeated. Please tell me how can I achieve that ?

  14. Are you SURE you're creating these under a different network?

  15. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    yes I think i am pretty sure.
    Ipstenu would you mind if I ask you to check it as an admin.
    that would make it more clear and It would be great help too.
    I could mail you the passwords.

  16. I only do that level of support for people who're paying me. ddean would be a better reseource, as it's his plugin. I don't use this one.

  17. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    ok thanks, no problem Ipstenu :-)
    I am also waiting for David's reply.

  18. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey, all.

    Roxor, the usernames issue has added WAY too much to this. You should just create your new networks and get things working before dealing with users. Also, Andrea is right that you can't re-use usernames; if that's a core requirement for this project, you'll have to find some other solution.

    To be blunt, things are way too muddled by usernames and the specter of domain mapping. Here's what you should do:

    1. Clean install of WP, clean DB. Set up multisite.
    2. Install Networks plugin of your choice (they are all the same) - DO NOT add domain mapping yet.
    3. Create a sub-site with the blog "name" you want.
    4. Create another network.
    5. Now GO TO that network's admin screen. You cannot do this from your first network's admin screen.
    6. Create another site with the blog "name" you want.
    7. Let us know how this goes for you!
    8. Now start creating users.

    Ipstenu - Give re-using blog names a try if you are unconvinced! :) I was not at all sure, so I actually tried it out before posting that, even though it's pretty clear from the code.

  19. My one site with mutliple networks is using a different plugin, and I've never actually thought about using a site name more than once. When I get the chance, though, I will.

  20. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you David, I got it almost working now, the little issue is..
    An ADMIN
    Can create different blogs of same names under different networks.
    For example as an Admin I created -
    So all these sites belong to one user (admin)

    A normal USER
    Creates a blog say name2.pidia.org
    Then from inside his dashboard he can-
    >>> book blogs of different names under same network (pidia.org)
    Ex- name3.pidia.org, name4.pidia.org …etc
    >>> But he CAN-NOT book blogs of same names on different networks.
    Ex- name2.pidia.us, name2.pidia.eu …etc
    But hey not problems there, I don’t want it that happen So its fine for me :-)

    Now for a GUEST
    If someone else has already registered a blog name2.pidia.org
    When guest tries to register a blog of same name on different networks
    Then even after using different usernames they are not allowed to register blogs like
    That is what I am looking for, If particular blog already exists on one network, then new guests could create blogs(of same name) by themselves on other networks.
    Has this something to do with advanced settings?? I tried few combinations but it didn’t help.
    & sorry for the very long text, I thought it would be easier to understand this way.

  21. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Great! That it worked for the admin account lets us narrow it down to what looks like a permission problem.

    Can a "USER" or "GUEST" create a blog with a different name on one of the other networks? You'll have to set each network's "Network Settings" to allow users to create blogs, if you haven't already done so.

  22. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi David,
    A user once registered on a network does not have access to other networks. So he CAN-NOT create blogs on other networks.
    A guest CAN create blogs with different names on any network. However there is no centralized list/dropdown to choose from. So he has to switch between different networks to do so.
    Here are few observations that I made, this might help, please find the linked image first here
    1- The registration settings under each Network allow blogs to be created by anyone.
    2- Since admin has created all the blogs (name1) till now, So all these blogs also appear in the dropdown menu.
    3- There was an update network alert on top of other networks. After I updated the network it didn’t bring any change.
    4- The networks menu tab under sites which is generated by plugin is only present on first network because I didn’t activate the plugin on all other networks. Should I do that?
    There are individual settings which control role of 1 network, there doesn’t seem to be any network wide settings which could control roles of all networks.

  23. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    There will never be a dropdown list unless you make one. Your WP networks don't know about each other, so there's no cross-network aggregation or anything. Your point (2) is the only real exception to that, but that's for admins.

    (3) You will have to run the update on each network. Your networks are all separate.

    (4) This plugin just creates the dashboard page for managing networks, so you don't need it on your other networks.

    There aren't any "install"-wide settings, although the issue has caught the attention of WP: http://wpdevel.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/core-team-meetup-recap-multisite/

  24. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi David, the main issue for me is

    If particular blog already exists on one network, then how can guests create blogs(of same name) by themselves on other networks.

  25. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    By specifying the same name for the blog at signup?

    I actually just tried this scenario out on my test setup, and it works fine. The big thing to remember is that users cannot have the same username. So the 2nd "guest" who wanted to use that blog name would have to use a different username, then change the suggested blog name on the next page.

  26. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    roxor, can you confirm whether guests on different networks who register different usernames can create blogs with the same name?

    If it works, you might want to look into an email-as-username or Facebook connect registration process to eliminate the confusion.

  27. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi David, good news, yes guests can register blogs of same name with different usernames on other networks.
    Here is the album of screenshots.
    There is also not so good news-
    Sometimes everything works fine while testing and other times with exact same installations and settings it shows errors "this site is already reserved."
    This is driving me crazy. Now have a look at these images.
    I tried -
    1- Commenting & uncommenting the line define( 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'pidia.org' ); didn’t really made any difference.
    2- Skipping registration on .ORG(main network)
    3- Registering according to network ID order, in opposite order and also random, but all these didn’t really made any difference.
    4- I also tried clearing up all cache and cookies and even registering from a different computer.
    Try it yourself
    1- Go to any of the site pidia.org, pidia.net, pidia.co, pidia.eu, pidia.us, pidia.in
    2- Make your account with details you want.
    Username, E-mail, Site name
    3- Confirm your account and get your blog.
    4- Now, switch to other Network and try making account with same blog name.
    5- Give username same as first one, after it gives error correct the username (just being superstitious here)
    6- When you reach the second page of registration you might get an error “This site is already reserved.”
    Did you notice anything like that ?

  28. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi David, in case you haven't read the comment above, I tried the whole process again. Made screenshots, you should have a look at this one.
    These seven images gives more clear picture of Database, Network panel and Registration process altogether.

  29. roxor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi david,
    I have found the exact-exact problem with the registration process.
    So if you haven't read my previous comments then you should ignore those.
    Its because of the usernames, Try it yourself
    1- This registration should be successful-
    username- David1
    email- any you like
    URL- David.pidia.us
    Site title- any you like
    and then getting same name on other network
    username- David2
    email- any you like
    URL- David.pidia.eu
    Site title- any you like

    2- This registration should be UNsuccessful-
    username- Dean
    email- any you like
    URL- Dean.pidia.us
    Site title- any you like
    and then getting same name on other network
    username- Dean1
    email- any you like
    URL- Dean.pidia.eu
    Site title- any you like

    did you notice the difference
    this issue was because of the numbering of the usernames
    so when I add numbers 1 & 2 in the end of usernames (david1) & (david2) in first category. -it does work.
    and when I add number only in second username (dean1) in second category. - it doesn't work.
    the problem remains no matter what plugin I use.
    Can you confirm this. Say something about it.

  30. David Dean
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi roxor,

    That's an interesting observation! I'm actually out of my depth here talking about the registration process, and was hoping someone with more insight would weigh in.

    I've looked over the code in wp-signup.php and ms-functions.php, and nothing has popped out that looks like it is checking usernames the way you've described.

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