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  • The same problem. Everything went wrong after ‘assigning’

    Plugin Author David Dean


    You can restore access to your install if you moved something by accident by following these WordPress instructions:

    I’m confused as to where I lost you.

    Let me walk you through what happened…..

    My install was 100% perfectly normal.
    I installed your plugin.
    *Immediately* after clicking the “assign” button everything broke.
    Yes, literally the whole thing.
    Not just that particular plugin.

    Simply put: after trying to save the changes with your plugin, that’s what killed it.

    I, personally, did not change any other settings. Unless if your plugin did. And that’s why I’m reaching out to you, because obviously you should know more than I do about what your plugin is intended to do.

    In the meantime, after sitting with Hostgator tech support twice, for a combined total of over 3 hours, the temporary solution is to disable multisite entirely.

    If I enable multisite again, everything immediately breaks in the same exact fashion that it broke right after saving the changes inside of the plugin (with the permanently redirect to wp-signup.php).

    This is not just a coincidence. Your plugin changed some other “core” files and I’m here because I don’t know what they are, but you should.

    I had to reinstall WP completely after that. I just assigned one site to another and the assigned site began inaccessible and link to the assigned site was pointed to another site. I removed assignment but everything was the same. I removed the site and added again – didn’t help. I deactivated plugin – didn’t help. I had to reinstall WP completely. Also i have to say that your plugin does not remove created sites correctly – database and links (even in console) stay.
    Guys, you have to be more responsible for what you are doing because it cost a lot of wasted working time for other people.

    Plugin Author David Dean


    I’m sorry you guys have had a bad experience, but you should always back up your database before trying something — especially something you’re not familiar with, and that involves moving sites.

    smhenrietta: What site did you assign? And what did you assign it to? Did you create a new network first? Rest assured that this plugin does not change any files. Did you follow the instructions posted on the page I linked to?

    sergeyzimin: This plugin does not assign one site to another. Can you answer the same questions as I posed to smhenrietta?

    i created network (let’s call it and another network (i used subdomain so let’s call it Everything was fine till i decided to assign to After that when i was clicking on link to the was appearing instead of So i decided to go back and remove assignment but no effect – the link to still didn’t work. So i decided to remove the network and create again with hope that it should help to fix this problem. But as i wrote above the network was not removable and all links was changed with something like ‘…blog..” and all created networks were inaccessible.

    I have to say that i had BuddyPress installed and BP multi network – may be it caused the problems.

    Also i want to ask: as i understand a user has to log into each network separately? Even if all networks share one user database?

    Also i want to ask: as i understand a user has to log into each network separately? Even if all networks share one user database?

    Yes, but the reason for this is because of webrowser security.

    Web Browsers won’t give domain cookies for

    Unless you go through a bunch of hoops to disable it, which is also very unsafe, because other “Bad” websites could steal your login info.

    I hope this helps. (But yea, same users, different sites. Any changes to their account such as password, name, etc are reflected in all networks and sites)

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