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  • I was able to get one of my blogs to post to it’s Facebook page with this application. However, I’m working with another one of my blogs, have set it up to post to Twitter and it’s Facebook page, and it doesn’t work. I can’t seem to find a way to contact the plugin author, so I am publishing it here. If this plugin starts to work properly, I think it will inspire more blogging. 😀

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  • Yeah, I can’t get it to post to Facebook at all, but haven’t tried Twitter. I hope it will work smoothly here soon ’cause I really like how the social networks are all centralized with this plugin making it much easier to promote posts to several automatically. Right now I’m having to install separate plugins for each SN. Yikes. Not good. Or maybe it is and I can get more finite control this way, with individual plugins. Maybe I’m just talking to myself. Maybe I should stop writing and carrying on with this nonsense and get back to what I was working on. Haha.


    Just wanted to let everyone know that I love this plugin. One improvement would be if it allowed you to set up the twitter #hashtags for each post. I find that my traffic isn’t as good if I don’t have those #hashtags.

    Otherwise, it posts seemlessly to my Twitter and Facebook pages – which I really love!

    One most sites, the posting was immediate. One particular site took a little while to get into sync, but is now working great!

    Now – let’s add some #hashtags! 😀



    I will get down to adding hashtag support sometime next month. Hope that is not that far out for you.


    Works great with facebook…

    Havent tried twitter as I use something else.

    Does not work with MySpace which is very sad as its an important network.

    Yammer… well what can I say… I joined them hoping for something good and it was a a few minutes of my life that I could have spent eating a donut or something more productive.

    Please… fix the MySpace side of things

    Its a great concept and would be nice to see some more useful networks added 🙂

    Also… in the linksalpha website… you need to finish the site mate… its incomplete, contact is… well there aint any contact details on the site and it would help to get a forum up or something so the rest of us can talk about how to implement things instead of the vague way its currently displayed 😛


    Thanks for the frank comment. As for MySpace, i think it is an issue on MySpace side of things. I had posted query on MySpace forum, but nothing came out of it. Besides that, MySpace setup works for me. However, i have heard from multiple users that it does not work from them. Let me research this more

    Will fix the contact us page, and will get a forum for discussion. In the meantime, you can email me

    Vivek Puri

    juicedesignteam, Google Group and Contact Us have been added/updated.

    Vivek – Just popped into here and saw your response about the hashtags. Let me know if you need me to help test the functions. I still have you on my IM.

    Looking forward to it!! And no, next month is not too late. I’m flexible and can always change!


    @ juicedesignteam Publishing to MySpace now works 🙂 .

    For everyone else, there are still remnant issues with publishing to Yammer. Working on fixing that too.

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