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  • I have to agree with you @bamajar.

    It could be the best thing since ice cream, but the fact that no amount of searching their web site reveals anything about their pricing makes them not a fully reputable company by any transparency standard. I did find web posts that they charge $5 / month.

    They also will not remove accounts even if you just sign up to find out what services they offer at what price:

    We don’t support closing of account or account deletion as of now. However you can delete all your Networks and Websites, and your personal information should get removed.

    What that means is for a privacy lawyer to figure out.

    If you just need Facebook posting, Wordbooker is a super plugin and the author is very responsive when there are issues — even when the issues are caused by other plugins! I love the fact there are still some open developers who don’t just point a finger at another guy and say “Not my problem, go tell him to fix his thing.”


    I think you got an extra “a” in the @bamajr 😉

    I have a hard time with this plugin even being available on

    As best as I understand the plugin, it does nothing without paying for the LinksAlpha service, which, requires registration, before you can even find out the associated costs.

    Further, this LinksAlpha is hardly a viable system/service, when you can’t delete/close your account, if you choose to.

    Thanks for the Plugin suggestion, by the way. I’m using RSS Graffiti to connect my WordPress blog to Facebook. It works pretty well and in an unobtrusive way.

    I really liked the “PING” service, until Seesmic got a hold of it. Now it sucks and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I want a plugin, that automatically updates ALL the most popular services, without any costs (you know, like Ping used to, before Seesmic took over).



    I agree with the above.

    PAID plugin for anything you’d actually need to do.

    Scammy, shouldn’t be here on

    I have tried both this one and the Social Discussions or whatever plugin that for the most part looks the same. Both of them installed seperatly or even together state at the end of each post that the data was sent successfully. However, NOTHING is posted to the list of social sites in your network. Nothing ever happens. I was really hoping this would be my solution to replace what used to be but instead it’s a total fail (and a fail that wasted a LOT of my time). Life is short, so I hate wasted time.

    And I am not paying for it just to make it work like it should be working.

    Plugin Author vivekpuri


    @jh20001, can you please open a ticket here – – and we will look into it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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