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  • I’m in the process of migrating site content from an old, MS FrontPage generated format to WordPress. This includes editing and converting old pages into the new WP format. Some of them I want to publish as posts, some I want to publish as pages, and some I don’t want to publish at all.

    I installed NP yesterday for the first time and set up two accounts each for Twitter and Facebook. It took a few tries to get the right settings, but finally it was working, and I got all the previous posts published to those networks. However, I did not try publishing any pages at this time.

    I came back today, edited a page (not a post) and published it. When I saw the tweet show up for that page (thanks to Network Publisher), realized I needed to turn the publishing option off while I was making page edits so the pages I don’t want published wouldn’t be. I made the necessary change, then edited another page. Then I decided I wanted the second page to be published after all, so I went back to NP settings, turned publishing back on, went to the page to “update” it, and nothing happened. I tried three times.

    So I decided to make it a blog post instead, thinking that would work. Nope – nada. It didn’t publish. Funny thing – the little NP box on the right side of the page *said* publishing was successful, but it wasn’t. Then I realized the post didn’t have a blog title. I gave it a title, and tried again. Still nothing. I even tried going through PostBox – the post wasn’t even listed in the “recent posts” listing. There was something with just a line, so I tried publishing that, thinking it was the “untitled” blog post. That showed up on Facebook, but with no content.

    Finally I just deleted the post and redid it with a blog title. It took a few moments, so while waiting I went to PostBox just in case I needed to post it manually, and again – the post title did not appear in the list of “recent posts.” However, this time the publishing worked, on all networks.

    By far, this has been the easiest publishing plugin for me to install and to understand. It does (or at least claims to do) exactly what I want it to do. I’m very happy with it. But it’s not going to work for me if it won’t publish every time, on time.

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  • Plugin Author vivekpuri


    I will try to fix the postbox issue in next 2-3 weeks.

    Also, posts older than 3 days are currently not re-published. Fix for this should be available in around 3 weeks.

    Ok – looking at the dates, that makes more sense then, as to why I couldn’t get them to publish.

    Question – if I change the publishing date to one within the last three days, would that work as a temporary fix until the next update is released?

    Plugin Author vivekpuri


    I think so. You can give it a try.

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