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[Resolved] [Plugin: Network Mass Email] Send email this plugin has problems

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  • Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    I’m not sure what problem you are having. If i had to guess, my first question would be if you are running a WordPress multisite installation? This plugin is only meant for multisite environments.

    This link explains multisite environments pretty well: http://wpcandy.com/presents/an-introduction-to-wordpress-multisite

    I email my issue is that this plugin does not send a problem
    WordPress is used for multi one!

    This WordPress plugin is installed but the problem is multisite and you will not receive the email we send.

    Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    I’m sorry, but unless you can describe the problem clearly I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you. All I can understand from your post is that you can’t send an email? I can’t even tell from your post if you are running multisite or not so I really have no idea where to start with helping you…

    This plugin is difficult to send but not receive email

    Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    I’m sorry but that simply isn’t enough information to work with. If you can figure out how to be more specific I can try to help. I looked through a previous thread you had posted in saying that you couldn’t send mail with WordPress at all. If you can’t send mail with WordPress you likely can’t send mail with this plugin, as both use the mail() function to send emails. I recommend you look in to solving that problem first before trying to use this plugin.

    And again, I can’t tell from your responses if you are running multisite WordPress or not, but if you aren’t, you really won’t find this plugin to be of any use.

    Because Function Mail is tagged emails are sent.
    But this plugin you can send email, and Lee is not getting a check and try.

    Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    Honestly, you’re just telling me repeatedly that you can’t send an email. You need the following to use this plugin:

    (A) Multisite WordPress
    (B) Your server must be allowing php mail()

    From your other thread, it sounds like you’re having trouble with WordPress mail in general. If you can’t use WordPress mail then this plugin won’t work either.

    Unless you can describe your situation better, I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do to help you.

    I like to send email from your WordPress posts, comments, and have no problem.
    But this plugin does not send email please check your

    Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    The situation (I think) you’re describing is NOT the purpose of this plugin. I’m as certain as I can be (based on your very vague description) that you’re probably not running WordPress multisite. I can’t help you if you just say that “it doesn’t work” and can’t even tell me what type of WordPress installation you’re running.

    I’m going to have to close this thread, because I don’t think this is going anywhere. If you can describe the problem you’re having and the possible causes/factors surrounding it, start a new thread and I can attempt to help you there.

    I told you not understand.
    I added this plugin does not work and has trouble emails check after you say no problem

    Plugin Author Kenny Zaron


    I see that you can’t get it to work, but you’re unable to give me any direction to help you with so unfortunately there’s nothing I can do.

    I can’t fix the problem without you telling me something beyond “it doesn’t work”.

    However, email is a problem with your plugin and you can control

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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