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  • I’ve tried poking around for this, but as you may appreciate searching for the term “trouble ticket” yields a whole lot of nonsense.

    Bascially I’d like to use wordpress to allow registered users to post trouble tickets via a form embedded in a wordpress page.

    The faux trouble tickets would just be regular posts to a category as defined in the form, and attributed to the account of the person posting the ticket, even though that person doesn’t have author level privilege.

    Security and authentication etc isn’t a problem as this could easily be handled via template conditionals and .htaccess — not that this is even required in my case, as the site is for internal use only.

    Once posted, of course… the “ticket” could be commented on just like any other post, and of course “closed” by blog admins who could turn off comments… so this functionality isn’t required, that’s just up to us to theme it correctly.

    If you can point me to something like this as a wordpress plugin I’d love you long time, but I’m not holding my breath, so I have a couple of offers to any plugin authors reading…

    If you see value in this project and would like to add it to your collection I would gladly chip in with a financial motivator.

    On the other hand, if you’re not interested in making this plugin part of your contribution, then I’d certainly be interested in commissioning the work, and making the plugin available myself. Obviously this would cost me more, so I’m hoping you’ll want the credit.

    Anyone interested in discussing this further can email me at, or better yet… I’ve put this on my blog so you can post on it there if email is too much of a pain in the ass.

    All contributions welcome.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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  • Any update on this?

    Our company has been using Kayako & Cerberus for years. We have a couple of new sideline projects using WP for their web presence. We really wish there is a email ticket plugin, instead of building another department in Kayako for each of this sideline project.

    As the ticket plugin is less important in our projects we can’t assign a budget to code it. We come to this thread by chance. We hope to use this message as a vote to show people such demand exist : )

    I’ve installed helpdesk for WordPress MU and it seems to be working fine (on an MU install).

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