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    FIX TO ALLOW MULTPLE INDEPENDENT WIDGETS UPDATE/RETRIEVE/RENDER (esp. for use with widget-logic plugin, thence play nice with WPML)

    NOTE: This note/solution applies to the V2 PRO version of this plugin only. It is pasted here also, since some users might also find it helpful for solving the sam problem on the V1.2.6 version. (Else induce them to buy the pro version – good cause.)


    First of all I would like to thank the plugin author for an excellent plugin! very well designed functionally and the new version is nicely coded.

    One thing I noticed however, was that it didnt play nice using the widget-logic plugin (, which i required since i was developing a multi-language site inder WPML (

    The problem, was that my multi-language solution required that different skype contacts (etc) were shown for different languages; that in turn required multiple skype-status widgets, (each with a new (languauge) logic switch. ( see also my fix to that plugin to override/remove need for use of php eval, etc).

    Anyway, this fix means that your beautiful plugin now works properly with multiple widgets, hence with WPML.

    Help yourself to the changed widget code here:

    (file is /wp-content/plugins/neat-skype-status-pro/widget/nssp-widget.php_

    ps. i will also post this on the authors plugin site ( fin the hope it might be adopted in some future release).

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  • Hi rcain.

    Thanks for this. Just a quick question, if I may? (I realise you are not the developer of the plugin)

    Can you tell me how you got the pro version working in the first place. I had it working fine in a local/test environment, but when I tried on a remote server the plugin killed the site. I commented out line 32 in neat-skype-status-pro.php ” add_action( ‘widgets_init’, array( $this, ‘add_widget’ ) ); ” and was able to have site access and access to plugin settings, but of course no widget. Just wondered if you came across this problem yourself?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Hi shel.80,

    No, sorry didn’t experience such a problem myself. Am assuming you are trying first with just the original (and most recent) Pro version, WITHOUT my mods to start. (nb: my mod will ONLY work with the Pro version, not the std version).

    If you are getting ‘white screen of death’, this suggests you may have a missing/badly named/corrupt file, or function.

    All I can suggest is that you debug line by line until you isolate the exact line responsible (something invoked in or after the add_widget method). hint: I often end up commenting out/stubbing great lumps of code until things ‘dont break’ anymore, then reintroduce line-by-line until it breaks again, rinse and repeat. Else turn up the error reporting on php.

    Sorry I can’t be more help. If you still have probs, suggest contacting the author Aurimas, who is very helpful indeed.

    Best of luck.

    Hi rcain,

    Thanks for the reply. Yup, tried with and without your mods on the pro version. I assume it’s the latest version as I bought it only yesterday. I’m guessing it’s a server issue as it works fine offline (I will try with another server in a mo).

    I had tried a few things earlier, mainly replacing lines from



    <?php php_code

    particularly on the line which closes widget_options_script() and begins the class NSSP_Widget

    This got rid of the unxpecteed ‘}’ error, but now the widget options for the plugin shows up on every page, (frontend as well as in admin) which I find weird.

    I will continue for now and I have opened a new support topic in case Aurimas has any ideas.


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