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  • Hello,

    Love the plug-in. Exactly what I’m looking for. However I have developed a problem I hope you can help with.

    I installed a few “subscribe to my blog” plug ins to test on my site.

    Whilst testing them I probably installed and deleted yours a couple of times and now when I notify subscribers I get two exactly the same emails sent?

    Any idea how I can correct this? And is there a way to remove all evidence of the plug in when deleting it? I thought a way to cure my problem might be to start over, but I’ve removed it and re-installed it and the problem persists!


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  • I face with this problem too.

    Plugin Author Amol Nirmala Waman


    Please install new version 1.1.8. Rate it if you like. Mark this topic as ‘resolved’ if this solves your problem.

    Hi, it is still sending out several emails to subscribers…. much to their annoyance.

    I hope you can fix this soon. I have version 1.1.8

    Sincerely Birgitte

    …I’m running 1.1.8 as well and my client’s subscribers are receiving more 2+ emails a post. Any suggestions on resolving this situation?

    Thanks a million.

    Just upgraded to everything latest. I’m joining the company – i’m getting double notification on publishing news. Did anybody resolve the problem.

    This plugin fits my needs perfectly, but I am also have the same issue of subscribers receiving 2 email. I am eager to use this plugin but I am forced to disable it until this issue is resolved as I do not want to bombard my subscribers.

    I have the same issue, double email notifications received

    I actually find out why it’s sending 2 emails:

    because when you update/create a post, the save_ppst method seems getting called twice.

    phil88530 – is this something we can fix ourselves or do we have to wait for the fix to be implemented in the next release of this plugin?

    you can fix this urself by:

    define your own meta-tag for the post, which indicates if your post has email notification sent or not.

    for the first email sending, you then set this meta-tag to be false(or true depends how to define it), and check it in the beginning of the email sending, to ensure that you don’t send it twice.

    function nys_UpdateBox(){
    global $metaEmailSent;

    if ( $value && !empty($value) && !get_post_meta($post->ID, $metaEmailSent)){
    echo NAVAYAN_SUBSCRIBE::nys_SendNotification( $post->ID );
    //ensure only send email once when create
    update_post_meta($post->ID, $metaEmailSent, true);

    phil88530 – I’m not very familiar with meta-tags and php

    How do I define a meta-tag for the post?

    and which file do I put that code?

    thanks for the help so far

    Plugin Author Amol Nirmala Waman


    all, try new version 1.1.9

    I have installed the new version 1.1.9 and my subscribers are still getting 2 emails.



    i think it has to do with sending an email for all new posts AND sending an email for updates when you choose to click the subscribe button.

    i just started testing this out to see how it works. the original post when i choose the ‘notify subscribers’ box sends two emails. if i go back and update that post and ‘notify subscribers’ again. it only sends one email for the update.

    more testing on my part needed.

    also, is there a way to set this up (like there used to be) to default to notify? i update using an app on my phone alot and it doesn’t notify subscribers anymore. (just tested this out)


    Great plugin – but I really need the 2 email issue to be fixed.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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