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  • The options screen does not seem to work properly. Most obviously, the Preview option is not always stored. Not sure if Directory was stored, nor whether it requires or removes a trailing slash.

    When I gave all the options, it works. (resize is not documented)

    [jigsaw-mp gallery=’/wp-content/gallery/local-puzzles’ size=460 pieces=4 rotation=0 preview=1 bgcolor=’#ffffff’ resize=1]

    (The path is because I’m using a NEXTGEN Gallery to store the images)

    However, it starts with a turquoise background and no puzzle. You have to view the gallery and choose an image before the puzzle is visible. This behavior is not mentioned in the documentation, so don’t know if that is the expected behavior.

    The canvas is the specified size, but the image was resized to be smaller. Documentation does not say what size the images should be if the resize option is not configured.

    Also, I don’t remember the description mentioning that the puzzle uses Flash technology.

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Seidel


    Hi RoamFree,

    many thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate that!

    I just uploaded a new minor version 1.1.3 with some fixes.
    One of them is the fixed preview-option which should be saved now.
    Also I fixed a bug in the resize-image function and removed the subfolders from the gallery.

    Could you please check for me, whether that initial empty image/turquoise background still appears!? Was not able to reproduce that. Have you entered a setting for the “Image Url/Path” option?

    Thanks for your reply and feedback on this.




    The empty canvas still appears.

    I have not configured the image directory nor the temporary directory, but in the shortcode I have defined a NEXTGen image directory. Browse does show the images, and does allow selection.

    I do have Resize on. The images are appearing in the current upload directory.



    Incidentally, your “Contact” form on the plugin’s web site is failing to send mail.

    The empty canvas still appears, and the puzzle still works OK after making a selection from the gallery, so it’s probably an initialization problem.

    Plugin Author Thomas Seidel


    Hi Roamfree, sorry for beeing late.
    Just had a quick look onto your site again and noticed two things in the page source view:

    1. the background color is somehow set to “##ffffff” that is one “#” to much. I thought that should be handled by the code but its not. So please test and remove the one # from the settings dialog.

    2. The start-image seems to link to “”. Is that what you put into your settings? When I take that url and open a new browser window…no image appears. Maybe the link is just wrong?! any spaces in there? Or has it been removed? The Url should be able to open an image in a browser window.

    Thanks for checking and your feedback!


    I updated to the latest version.

    1. The settings has background of “FFFFFF” set.
    2. Don’t know why that URL is being used. Maybe because there is no resize work directory defined, so the default upload directory is being used.
    3. When I turn on Resize, the puzzle pieces are blank.
    4. When I turn off Resize, images do appear in the puzzle pieces… but although I have rotation turned off, I have too many corner pieces for one corner. I also have “show preview” on, but no preview is shown. Looks like it’s not initializing from the settings.

    Plugin Author Thomas Seidel


    Hi RoamFree,
    hope this time I found and fixed it. Implemented a functionality on Activation of the plugin to reset the options within the WP database.
    So when you update to the most recent version 1.3.1 it should after activation set the right initial options. Hope an update requires an activation again, if not, please deactivate and activate again.
    Many thanks again for your feedback!

    It does not work when I turn on “Resize images to fit” (without this, the images are too large, but the puzzle pieces are created properly). I did not define a temp directory, so it should be using the default download directory.

    I also have Rotation disabled, and 4×4 mode.

    The puzzle pieces are empty gray when Resize is on.
    And the background is still turquoise instead of ffffff white — I don’t know if CSS might be doing that.

    I manually resized the images to the desired width, and removed the resize option from my shortcode. Now some images work, and others don’t. Maybe the behavior changes based on aspect ratio.

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