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    On a fresh install of WordPress with Twenty Eleven as the theme, I created 3 post, and placed them each in two different categories. My ideal outcome would to to have post that are in more than one category be able to be sorted independently in each category. I created 2 sections in My Post Order named after the 2 categories, with each of the 3 posts in both sections. I sorted the posts in different orders in each section, and it had no effect on the post order in the categories.

    Okay, so this plugin can’t do complex sorting, that’s okay.

    Next, I deleted the second category from WordPress and the second section in My Post Order. So now I had 1 category and 1 corresponding section. I still could not produce any change in the post order.

    Finally, I deleted the other category and section leaving no categories and no sections, just three post.

    I sorted the post individually in My Post Order and it still did not change the order of the posts on the blog page.

    The post maintained the default reverse chronological order no matter what I did with this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Kapil Chugh



    First of all thank you for your feedback and sorry for late response.

    In documentation, I have *never* mentioned that it will sort posts automatically. Either you can display it through widget or you need to pass section_name paramenter in query_posts function.

    Did you try any one of them?

    Okay, on closer reading I see that you do emphasize that the focus of this plugin is on widget functionality. I need a plugin, or code, that will sort the posts into a custom order when the category archive itself is displayed.

    No I did not try the calls you suggested because it looked to me like they were for individual sections (and I’m net even really sure what that means), I want something that will work site wide.

    Custom Category Post Order, did the job for me, but something has changed in my setup, and now even it is not working. (sigh)

    What I would really like to fine at this point is the code (and where to put it) that would have the theme display category archive posts in custom menu order.

    Thanks for your response.

    Plugin Author Kapil Chugh


    If I’m not wrong then you want to display ordered posts on category pages and you can achieve the same by following these steps.

    (1) Disable or remove other posts order related plugins.
    (2) Create multiple sections and keep your section name same as category name.
    (3) Open category.php file of your Twenty Eleven theme and find this line <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>
    (4) You need to add one more line above the previously mentioned line and that is
    <?php query_posts('section_name=' . single_cat_title( '', false ) ); ?>

    Check and let me know the o/p.

    Thank you for your response.

    No other post order plugins were active.

    I created three sections, named after three corresponding categories. It’s funny, but after using other post order plugins, they all seem to recognize each other settings, because when I added the posts to be sorted they were already in the order I wanted.

    I saved each section.

    I placed the code:

    <?php query_posts(‘section_name=’ . single_cat_title( ”, false ) ); ?>

    above the code:

    <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>

    As before, there was no effect on the order of the posts displayed in the category archive pages. In fact, in the first category I sorted, posts from a different category were displayed, one that I had not even sorted (but which I had just previously been working on). Also, the names of the categories were not listed at the top of the page; just the term Category Archives.

    With the one plugin working for me so well and then having it stop working leaves me to believe that there is something going on that is not plugin or theme related; but I can’t figure it out.

    Anyway, I am learning how to work around it, and I appreciate your help.

    Plugin Author Kapil Chugh


    Can you please share URL with me where you are checking it and, if possible, show me screenshot of sections that you have created in the admin panel.

    I tried the same on my system and everything is working perfectly.

    Thanks Kapil for your continuing support.

    I’m planning a Sunday official launch of this site so right now I cannot do too much extra stuff.

    I did want to let you know that the My Post Order widget does not show up in my widgets area with the plugin activated in my setup.

    One thing I failed to mention above is that that those posts from one category showing up in another category archive actually happened when I first put that code you suggested in the category.php file, so something more fundamental is going on here.

    For now, I am pretty happy with how things are shaping up.

    I will check back here next week.

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