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  • i’m running my link order on a blog of mine with wordpress 2.7 with no problems. i tried installing the plugin on a blog i’m running v2.7.1 on, and it’s not working. is it just a matter of not being compatible with 2.7.1 for some reason?

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  • btw, this is the problem:

    1. upload / activate plugin.
    2. go to links –> my link order to arrange links/categories…

    when i get there, i don’t see any of the links or categories. what would be preventing this? i just had someone tell me it’s working fine on their 2.7.1, so i’ve got to be overlooking something…please help!

    Hi Ce Rob,

    Did anyone answer your question?


    It’s an outstanding bug at this point. It’s working on all of my WP installs, but some people are having problems after upgrading to 2.7.1. I’ve tried debugging with a few people and haven’t had any luck figuring out why it’s not working. As far as I can tell nothing changed that would be a problem.

    Hi Froman,

    Sorry to be pedantic but are you saying it is working on all your installs including 2.7.1 but SOME people are having problems?



    It is working on all of the installs I administer, both brand new 2.7.1 installs and my install going back all the way to 1.5. As far as I know it’s working for the vast majority of people. You’re maybe the 4th or 5th person that has reported this problem.

    I haven’t been able to reproduce the situation where the categories don’t show up without an error displayed on the page. I’m completely stumped why just a few people are having issues after upgrading.

    Hi Froman,

    Thanks for this. I am not having a problem, I was, hopefully, avoiding one. I shall install!



    What plugin were we talking about?


    My Link Order

    I am having a problem with this plugin using v 2.7.1, a new install. The categories show up and I can order them, but the blog shows the original order.

    You have to swap in the My Link Order widget or modify your sidebar theme to use the different ordering method.

    Ah.. could you put that in the installation instructions?

    You have to swap in the My Link Order widget

    Thanks, that did help, but now I have a different problem: the new list of links in the changed order shows up, but there is another list of links in the old order above the new one.

    Did you remove the built in “Links” widget?

    Thanks – that worked!

    You have to swap the “Links” widget for the “My Links Order” widget. Once you do that, all will be right in the world.. I agree with another poster that this should be more apparent in the install instructions..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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