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    Hi. Guess I’m not clear on the usage.

    I enabled the content type Testimonials, created a testimonial, added a page called Testimonials, and added the suggested shortcode for a list of testimonials ([my_content type=’testimonials’ display=’full’ taxonomy=’category_testimonials’ order=’menu_order’]).

    Nothing shows on the page.

    I also tried adding the template code to the content of the page, and nothing:

    I also expected maybe some custom fields specific to this custom post type, like Name, Author, Company, Title or something, but nothing is available.

    I know how to use other CPT plugins and custom fields to get what I want, but I thought this would work out-of-the-box with some custom presets that might save time.

    What am I missing or doing wrong?


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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Looks like there’s a bug in the sidebar info for Testimonials, so that isn’t showing up — I’ll get that fixed.

    However, the shortcode seems just fine, and should be showing up; the exact same shortcode is working fine for me. Try simplifying the shortcode to it’s simplest possible format and see whether anything shows up; [my_content type=’testimonials’]

    Ok, the shortened shortcode works.


    Any chance of getting some preset custom fields specific to the Testimonials custom post type like:

    For a testimonial to have meaning you need to know who said it, who they are, and when they said it (and of course what they said).

    I could use Advanced Custom Fields, but it seems that by having presets is where the real value of your plugin comes into play.


    I’m having the same issue using the provided shortcode. Here’s what the plugin gave me:
    [my_content type='people' display='full' taxonomy='category_people' order='menu_order']
    But in order to get it to work, I have to either (1) delete the taxonomy reference, or (2) change it so that taxonomy='mcm_category_people'

    In either case, I can’t seem to get the shortcode to pick up the terms. I created two taxonomies, “boys” and “girls” — here’s the shortcode I’m trying to get right…

    [my_content type='people' display='excerpt' taxonomy='mcm_category_people' term='boys' order='menu_order']

    Not working. @Joe_Dolson, any ideas?

    OK, I was able to fix BOTH issues… Here’s how:

    Edit the file mcm-view-custom-posts.php

    LINE 12 — add this text:

    // allow mcm taxonomies to be abbreviated, but don't interfere if taxonomy='all'
    if ($taxonomy != 'all') {
    	if (strpos($taxonomy,'mcm_')===0) {} else { $taxonomy = 'mcm_'.$taxonomy; }

    LINE 16 (now LINE 20)
    – Find this text:
    if ($taxonomy != 'all' && $terms !='')
    – Change it to this
    if ($taxonomy != 'all' && $term !='')

    Notice all I did was change $terms to $term .

    Here’s my final (working) chunk of code…

    function mcm_get_show_posts(  $type, $display, $taxonomy, $term, $count, $order, $meta_key, $id ) {
    	// allow mcm post types to be abbreviated
    	if ( strpos($type,'mcm_')===0 ) { $type = $type; } else { $type = 'mcm_'.$type; }
    	// allow mcm taxonomies to be abbreviated, but don't interfere if taxonomy='all'
    	if ($taxonomy != 'all') {
    		if (strpos($taxonomy,'mcm_')===0) {} else { $taxonomy = 'mcm_'.$taxonomy; }
    	if ( $id == false ) {
    		// set up arguments for loop
    		$args = array( 'post_type' => $type, 'posts_per_page'=>$count, 'orderby'=>$order );
    		if ($taxonomy != 'all' && $term !='') { $args['tax_query'] = array( array( 'taxonomy' => $taxonomy, 'field' => 'slug', 'terms' => $term ) ); }

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Ah, typos. Thank you for finding the bugs and for reporting them back to me!

    No problem. Thanks for adding these fixes to the 1.0.3 release.

    I had this same issue with the shortcode not picking up the “term”. I also finally got it to work by changing: taxonomy=’category_people’ to taxonomy=’mcm_category_people’.

    Yes, I had to revert back to my old version too. I think the plugin author neglected to add this fix in with the new version.

    I am also having an issue with the {_email} template tag. In a couple of cases, I intentionally left the email field blank. According to what I read in the User Guide for this plug-in, if a given field in the template is missing and doesn’t return a value, it should be left out on the page. But, in my case, when the email field is missing, it is showing “{_email}”. Here is the page I am talking about as an example…

    Any idea how do get the {_email} not to show when the field is blank?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    You know, I think that the rss feeds for support forums aren’t working anymore. This is just one of several recent threads that I didn’t get notified about.

    At any rate, the _email issue is a known bug, and I’m working on it. The taxonomy issue should be fixed in the most recent release.


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