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    I experienced an issue, however I am not exactly sure what may have caused it. I just wanted to point it out though just in case it might have been a bug with the plugin.

    1. I created a website on
    2. After development I moved the WP website over to
    – I edited the mysql database to replace all instances of the old domain with the new domain.

    3. For WP-Admin when you go into the settings page of the plugin, there is a listing of premade content types provided by you that you can provide us that we can check to enable or disable them such as the glossary.

    After the move, that list no longer appeared and the “Glossary” menu item in WP-Admin no longer appear, and the glossary on my website no longer appeared.

    4. I took the chance to completely uninstall/remove the plugin from within WordPress.. and re-install from within wordpress.

    Upon enabling the glossary feature, everything worked again and I didn’t lose my glossary data. :).

    Everything is working perfect now.

    The only reason I am posting this was because I had several other plugins which weren’t affected by the move, but this one was.

    However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it was the plugin.. something may have got corrupted during my move. But wanted to point it out just in case.

    Thank you for such an awesome plugin btw and the great support you provide!!!

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  • Same thing happened to me when upgrading WP 3.3.1 to 3.5, and then the MCM plugin. Was appalled at first, but deleting the plugin and reinstalling (not just deactivating and reactivating!) as described by the original poster restored my FAQs and Glossary terms, too.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    It’s an odd thing. The data will always be safe; your custom posts are actually part of the native WordPress data, and if there are ever problems with those then WordPress will have made a big mistake…

    I’m not sure why you would have had any issues with a loss of your MCM registered post types on an upgrade — the post types are registered within MCM settings, so they could be lost, but I would expect to have heard about it more frequently than twice if it was a common issue – it’s certainly not something I’ve ever found.

    I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for possible issues, either way. Sounds like a settings issue; just not sure what the cause would be!

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