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  • Updated version for 2.8 is available.

    same problem here. Updated WP to 2.8, updated the plugin to 2.8, not working.

    I am calling the function from the sidebar, not using a widget.

    I have updated – not working with new version 2.8

    Try an uninstall and reinstall, the first version that got put up was missing an updated file so I don’t know how long it cached that.

    Oh and make sure you visit the My Category Order page to do the taxonomy.php patching.

    successfully patched – every time this message appears – no result

    Deleted manually by FTP and reinstalled – works perfect. Thanks!

    Yep, that fixed it here too. Deleted the plugin file, reinstalled it, now its working fine.

    Thank you!

    After updating to 2.8, this plugin has been a nightmare for me.

    I have deleted and reinstalled the plugin several times now, both from the plugins page and manually via the ftp. However – I never get the updated message when visiting the admin page (taxonomy.php patching?) … Why?


    The code actually messes up the whole site, so I have to remove the code when not working on it. The site loads for a couple of seconds and then disappears. I’m in desperate need of some help. Thanks, guys.

    Before you change any code in your theme make sure it is working correctly. You’ll only get the patching message once (if it shows up every time, something is wrong with permissions).

    If you go to the My Category Order page, order your pages click the button, leave the page and come back, are they still in the order you set? If not then the database columns that need to get added aren’t being created (but it should display an error message on page load if that is the case).

    Also post the code you are editing in your theme and what you are changing it to.

    I’ve got the same problem after upgrading to 2.8.1: categories disappeared and saying that there are no categories.


    Did you follow my procedure I posted above?

    hmm I went to wp_options and deleted the row with the plugin configs. Now categories are being shown on the widget, but subcategories are mixted with categories and out of order.

    I tried to sabe cats order but I had no luck 🙁

    lol I found it!

    There is no need to teak, uninstall, nothing!
    I just had a category on the exclude field of widget config. I just had to remove it and everything worked again!!

    Probably it is something that changed on the database and the query is now returning empty result!

    If you are talking about un-installing it and installing meaning de-activating and activating it again, and visiting My Category Order page to do the taxonomy.php, then yes, I did.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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