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    I installed the plugin and activated it properly. All its settings are fully functioning. But I just do not get any results: my categories in the sidebar are not ordered, even after calling the categories trough:

    Why could it be? How to solve?

    Any help is very much appreciated, specially because I must use My Category Order to order Category Icon plug-in (which offers integration with My Category Order).

    I was wondering that the problem could be the one described by froman118 in the Change Log: “If your categories don’t show up for ordering your DB user account must have ALTER permissions, the plugin adds columns to store the order”.

    But how to check this and evetually solve it?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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  • Hi,

    in your wp_terms table, check if you have a new field named ‘term_order’. If not, something went wrong, so you’ve got to reinstall the plugin or add it yourself. Then, if the problem still exists, try to replace orderby=order by orderby=term_order, or replace the line :
    $cat_args = "orderby=order&order=ASC&show_count={$c}&hierarchical={$h}&hide_empty={$empty}&show_last_updated={&u}";
    by :
    $cat_args = "orderby=term_order&order=ASC&show_count={$c}&hierarchical={$h}&hide_empty={$empty}&show_last_updated={$u}";

    By using that new code, patching the taxonomy.php file is not needed anymore… I’ve tested it with WP2.8RC1 not WP2.6X, so I’m not sure it’ll work… By the way, I’m working on a new version of Category Icons, because there’s a bug with WP2.8RC1…

    submarine is right about the ability to use term_order in WP2.8, but I’m still going to have to patch taxonomy.php for WP2.7.1 and below to maintain compatibility for everyone who has it installed. If I put out a new version that only supported 2.8 and “term_order”, I don’t think there’s anything from stopping people still on WP2.7.1 from grabbing the latest version of the plugin which would result in instant breakage.

    fjvasselai, If you order the categories, save, leave the page, come back to the My Category Order page and they’re in the same order, then everything is getting saved. If they just aren’t getting displayed correctly then there’s something else going on.

    Hi froman118.

    No, no, I didn’t want everyone to use this “solution”. That’s why I said it’ll probably not work with previous version. And, of course, you’re right. I’m in the same situation : I have to maintain compatibility with previous versions too, so I perfectly understand. I’m working on a new version of Category Icons for WP2.8 and maintaining the compatibility with your plugin. 🙂


    I am very glad to hear from you so soon.

    I solved the problem following a simple procedure suggested by submarine in the first reply: I directly added the column myself in my DB trough the control panel of my web hoster.

    So, thank you very much for your fast replies!

    I will now close this topic as a solved one.

    I am still having a problem regarding the use of Category Icons with My Caregorty Order plugin, as I can not see icons oreder by “my category order” whithin my posts, just in the sidebar. But I will put the question in the proper place, i.e.: the Category Icons forums.

    If any one can help me with my concern regarding Category Icons, it is in here:

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