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  • Resolved kandasa


    Private = Yes
    I had only 1 cat and all events show for registered and non-registered.

    Ok, i try to add 1 cat that is not private and add 1 event.
    Now the events in privat cat is hidden for non-registered. Problem is that the event not in private cat dont show either.
    Testing with inlogged user – he see private events, but not the other event he either.

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Hmm. That’s interesting. Sounds like a bug, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

    Is the problem just for the one event, or for all events in the public category? Can you see any events in the public category?

    I added one more event in public 16.10.2012 and have one 16.09.2012
    Cant see any of them – regardless of registered or not.
    Only private show for registered.
    16.09 i have double event, as i have an private event going there from 08.09.2012 -> 13.10.2012. (i used your format as i used calendar function setting date)

    Huskalender full bredde

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Is your calendar restricting by category? I can’t tell whether there are category restrictions by seeing the page; I’d need to see the shortcode you’re using.

    I have to be stupid. Was looking and checking all the settings and the 1 thing i didnt think about was the shortcode – it was restricted to cat 1 :S (working as intended by you – great job!)

    So the only strange thing is that non-registered could see events posted in privat at the start – before i added 1 more cat.

    Now i deleted public cat – those 2 post moved themself into priv cat – now you can se them show – even tho they are in priv cat

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Are you using caching? If so, deleting a category does not refresh the cache, so you’d still be seeing a prior view.

    Now you cant see them again.
    I added 1 more cat set to private, just to show if the same problem accured. It did not. But those 2 events that was showing even they was in private is gone too. So obviouse some bugg somewhere. (was testing from another PC too to eliminate browser)

    Now i’m gonna delete priv cat 2 and see if the last event added there will show after it move itself to priv cat 1.
    … It didn’t – this time it worked as intended.

    Edit: yes, i have that on. Gonna remove that option, but the behavier is not constant on this it seems?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    With version 2.0, caching is much less necessary — most of the changes to the plug-in were performance related. About to release 2.0.1; I’m adding a cache refresh when you update categories, so that’s a bit easier to track.

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