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    Hi, using “my-calendar” plugin version 1.9.6 and I can’t figure out how I can alter the arrows that are automatically placed to the left or right of the text links “Previous” and “Next”.

    I have a background arrow graphic I’d have in place and I want to delete the basic arrow “«”. I can’t find any plugin files that are generating this. The only options in the admin area have to do with the wording to use. How can I change this?

    I am using the mini calendar in a sidebar if it makes any difference.

    Buddypress version 1.5.1 is installed as well.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Those arrows are probably being generated by your theme. There a lot of themes which inherited that from Kubrick. You’ll need to look in your theme’s stylesheet, if I’m right.

    Thanks for replying Joe. I have a custom build theme and using Firebug, I do not see anything that would add arrows. I pasted all the CSS that appears in Firebug.

    It is generated in the HTML. This is what it looks like:

    <a rel="nofollow" href="xxxxx/?yr=2011&month=10&dy=" id="prevMonth">« Previous</a>

    This is why I thought it was a plugin option rather than CSS.

    [CSS moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please just post a link to your site.]

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Well, it is a plug-in option — but since those arrows aren’t from the default, I assumed you hadn’t set them. (Because if you had, you would presumably no where to change them.) You can edit the previous and next text on the settings page — you’ll just need to delete those arrows.

    If they aren’t in the text on the settings page, then I have no idea where they could be coming from; it’s not in My Calendar.

    Yeah, there aren’t any arrows in the text fields. I already edited the Previous and Next text and was surprised it wasn’t an option to delete the arrows. I’m kind of lost now. Something is coding those arrows as it is showing up in the HTML markup, not in CSS.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Well, it could be inserted by a content filter, I guess – but otherwise, I really don’t know.

    Hi inhouse. I’m not sure where the confusion lies here with Joe, but the arrows you mention are indeed coming from the My Calendar plugin. Lines 497 & 498 in the my-calendar-output.php to be precise…

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Oh, hell – yes, you’re absolutely right. I completely forgot about that. However, they’re easily dealt with – just run a string replacement through the mc_previous_link filter and the mc_next_link filter (which is missing; but that’s a mistake — just do both through the mc_previous_link filter for now.)

    Thanks mattrock1! Joe, could you explain exactly what to do? I’m afraid I don’t understand. Also, what will happen after updating? Thanks for your help.

    NP inhouse. The easiest way to remove is to simply delete &laquo; from line 497 and &raquo; from line 498. You’ll lose this next update, but Joe may have removed this by that time 🙂

    GREAT plugin btw Joe. I’ve just started using it (yet to go live) but it’s really robust and I love how much I can customize the look very easily with CSS. Great job! Once I get this project off the ground, I’ll be sure to donate to help with continued development.

    Quick question for you: On my Events page I have the calendar displayed. Below this, I would like to display a list of events for the current month. Is there a shortcode (or another way) to do this?


    Thanks again mattrock1, that worked. I prefer not to modify plugin files like this but if it’s the only way, I’ll at least have this thread to reference if this isn’t fixed for the next update.

    I hear you, I’m the same. But as you mentioned, this seemed the only, if not the easiest route to take. An easy one to fix after an update though, so not a big concern. Cheers!

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    @mattrock1 so I’m clear, you want to have a standard grid calendar and a list on the same page,and the list should always show just the current month – is that correct?

    Hi Joe, sounds like we’re on the same page. Grid Calendar display, with current month’s event list below (ie; December events…)


    Let it be known that Joe is updating My Calendar in response to this thread and to add features. I highly recommend this plugin and purchasing the PDF manual to better understand the features as it can be a bit complex (powerful).

    @mattrock1, you could just use 2 shortcodes to display a Grid calendar with a List calendar below that. It’s a very versatile plugin. Thanks Joe!

    [my_calendar format="month" showkey="no" shownav="yes" toggle="no" time="month"]

    [my_calendar format="list" showkey="no" shownav="yes" toggle="no" time="month"]

    Thanks inhouse!

    I had to tweak the variables a little to display (note format=”month” returns an ‘unrecognized format’ error. Using “calendar” did the trick)

    Currently the list shows the title only, with the description opening when clicked. Though a cool effect (and likely practical for other uses) it’s sort of redundant listed as such under the calendar. I’d like to display the description (etc) below the title. Very much like the “upcoming events” sidebar widget.


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