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  • Hey,
    nice Plugin and thanks for the development.

    My Problem:
    I’ve got a list view on a page with an event which has a range of 3 days.

    In the view there are 3 entries, one on each day of the (3-day-)event.

    The first entry got the correct start- and end-date.
    The second entry has the second day as start-date and ends one day after real ending. And so on.

    The Event start on 2012-09-05 and ends on 2012-09-07
    First list entry: start 2012-09-05, ends 2012-09-07
    Second list entry: start 2012-09-06, ends 2012-09-08
    Third list entry: start 2012-09-07, ends 2012-09-09

    I don’t know how to fix this, if its my fault.

    Thanks for help (and sorry for bad english 😉

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  • Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    At a guess, what you’ve done is combined the multiple occurrence option with the date end option. These are two separate ways of accomplish a multi-day event, and have different results.

    If you set an event to have a different end date from the start date, and have a single occurrence, you’ll have an event which runs from 9/5 to 9/7. It will have only one database entry, and will be treated as a single event.

    If you set an event to have multiple occurrences, then each occurrence is a separate database entry, and can be edited separately – having different times, descriptions, etc., but can be grouped to be treated as a single event.

    However, if you combine these, you end up with 3 separate events, each running for three days, starting on different days, which may be what you’ve done.

    thanks for fast reply.

    The first is what i wanted to create, but..

    – I’ve only one event (in database) – multi-day is not checked
    – three entries in list, width different dates

    Is there anything wrong with my entry?
    event_id` = ‘208’,
    event_begin = ‘2012-09-25’,
    event_end = ‘2012-09-27’,
    event_title = ‘My Title’,
    event_desc = ‘The desc’,
    event_short = ‘The short’,
    event_open = ‘2’,
    event_time = ’09:00:00′,
    event_endtime = ’18:00:00′,
    event_recur = ‘S’,
    event_repeats = ‘0’,
    event_status = ‘1’,
    event_author = NULL,
    event_host = ‘3’,
    event_category = ‘1’,
    event_link = ‘’,
    event_link_expires = ‘0’,
    event_label = ‘my label’,
    event_street = ”,
    event_street2 = ”,
    event_city = ‘my city’,
    event_state = ”,
    event_postcode = ”,
    event_region = ”,
    event_country = ”,
    event_url = ”,
    event_longitude = ‘0.000000’,
    event_latitude = ‘0.000000’,
    event_zoom = ’14’,
    event_phone = ”,
    event_group = ‘0’,
    event_group_id = ‘0’,
    event_span = ‘0’,
    event_approved = ‘1’,
    event_flagged = ‘0’,
    event_holiday = ‘0’,
    event_fifth_week = ‘0’,
    event_image = ”,
    event_added = ‘2012-09-04 00:03:53’`

    Got some events like this.
    In the list or in the mini-calendar there are 3 entries and the end-date or date-range is displayed wrong.
    I think duration is calculated wrong with this event, no idea where the calendar gets the dates from (in this example: 09-28 and 09-29)


    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Hmm. I’ll have to take a look. Could be a bug.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    So, this is definitely a bug. The bug is already fixed in version 2.0, which is not yet released, but I estimate will be ready for release in about a week. The fix in version 2.0 isn’t in any way compatible with version 1.11.x, so I can’t just copy it over.

    All things considered, I’m inclined to leave this be in the version 1.11 series in the interest of getting version 2 finished and released sooner.

    OK, nice to hear that it was not my fault 🙂

    No problem, we’re waiting for verison 2.

    Thanks for help and development

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    This should be resolved in the version released today.

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