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  • I have a WP network with a primary blog and a secondary blog.

    I have this MSUM plugin installed and activated. A place for it shows up under the MS options area, but on the primary blog’s options I cannot see the secondary blog to assign anything.

    I understand the primary blog is a “dashboard site,” which is why I don’t see it when I am looking at the secondary blog. But what on the 2nd blog could make it a “dashboard site” so it won’t show on the 1st blog? Thanks for helping me to understand.

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  • Plugin Author thenbrent


    Hi Doug, for the secondary blog to show up under MS options, it must be marked as public and safe (mature flag off).

    The 2nd site is not mature, and is open to normal visitors, but I do have search engines turned off. If that is keeping it from showing up, then it would have been more helpful for them to have been more clear.

    Well, it was the search engines turned off that was keeping it from showing. I do wonder what the need of that is, but I’m sure there is some reason somewhere. Thanks.

    Plugin Author thenbrent


    It’s because MSUM relies on a WP function get_blog_list() and that function only returns blogs “marked as public and flagged as safe (mature flag off)” – WP’s own words.

    This function has been deprecated with no suitable alternative, so it may be changed in future.

    Thanks. I could never have guessed that specifically, but I figured it would be something of that nature.

    Hey thenbrent

    I seem to have done something wrong. I wanted the 2nd blog’s users to show on the first blog, but not the other way around. I set the 2nd to default new users to author. Somehow I then got a flood of members from the 1st blog showing in the 2nd blog. Can you tell from this what I might have done wrong or what I could do to fix it?

    Plugin Author thenbrent


    If the first blog is the dashboard site, then all users who signup on the second blog should automatically be added to it (if I recall correctly). This plugin is for sharing all users across all sites.

    So regardless if a user signs up to site 1, 2, 3 or 4, they are assigned the default role for all other sites.

    Ah. Thanks. My noobness with WP MS makes it easy for me to misunderstand a plugin of this nature. Thank you!!!

    Wow, I know I am tired, but I am struggling to figure this out.

    I reenabled the plugin, and changed the default role for 2nd blog from “author” to “no role” and then all the users disappeared from the 2nd blog. I lose about 140 users. If I set it back to “author” (which is what I want for those 140 on the 2nd blog), I get all of them back, plus a flood of users from the primary blog, who also happened to have author status. Ugh.

    Hi Brent

    I have a wordpress 3.1 multisite – Your Digital Space with a sub blog

    How can I change the default role of the first blog is Your Digital Space ?. Because I can find only the sub blog in the list.

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