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  • To Dennis (MLS plugin creator)

    Wow ! What a great plugin. Thank you !!!
    I’m just starting using it and it seems to work perfectly. It took me some time to find my way around though. That’s why I’ll make a few sugestions here. I hope they are constructive.

    Doc, tutorials
    Brousing the net, I found this tutorial in French (which is my first language) –>
    It is very well done and it’s really what made me understand how MLS works.
    I see there is a German and an Italian version of it.
    So I come to my suggestions :

    1) It’d be great to offer a English version of the tutorial since many WP users are English speakers or at least use the WP English doc.
    Dennis, if you don’t find a native English speaker to do it, I’d be willing but I’m not the ideal person as my English is not perfect.

    2) When discovering the WP page of the plugin, the instructions under the Installation tag is really not enough regarding the use of the plugin. I spent a lot of time trying things out and failing, scrutinising Google, etc before I finally found the French tutorial (mentionned above). To me, it’d be GOOD to advertise that tutorial (FR, DE, IT and hopefully soon, the English version too) on the plugin WP page .

    3) There is a little detail lacking in that tutorial : the fact that after install, for the plugin to work, we need to save the settings of it on every site, even if we don’t change anything in the settings.
    Otherwise, in the pages editor, we get a king of error message instead of the flags with the lists of pages.
    Took me hours before I finally found out the trick on some forum page.

    Improve French version of the MLS settings page
    My overall network is in French. What is weird is that whatever the language of each site, the plugin settings page is in French. I don’t really mind except that it is very badly translated. That’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t figure out how it was working ; most of the fields labels don’t mean anything to me… Only the French tutorial helped me.
    If you are interested, I’d be willing to offer a better French translation if you provide me with the English version of the settings page.

    I hope my suggestions will be useful.
    Thanks very much for this brillant plugin.

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  • Hello Fran,

    thank you very much for your suggestions.

    Julien Meyer asked me if a translation into French would be ok and – of course – I’m glade if some people give me a helping hand. There is a new language-file at GitHub: … You could give it a try.

    At GitHub you’ll find also the Multisite Language Switcher Wiki ( If you want to help with the documentation it would be great.

    In the new version the setup will be more clear. I had a lot of work (and not much time) with the plugin but the next version will come soon.


    Hi Dennis,
    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I was busy setting up my multilingual site.
    Following the link you indicated, I had a look at the future translation in French of the MLS setting page. That French version is perfect !

    Concerning the tutorial, I need a little clarification from you. Would you like that I propose an English version of it although I’m not a native English speaker ? (However I lived in UK for 6 years. I still make little mistakes but my English is quite good).
    If so, shall I just make it a Word file ? To whom should I send it ?

    Hi Fran,

    it would be great if you would translate the doc.

    You can send a file to me ( or you could use the GitHub Wiki directly where I will store it (


    Hi Dennis,
    I’m not familia with GitHub Wiki and I don’t have the time to learn so I’ll send you an email when done.

    P.S. The more I use your plugin, the more I find it excellent ! Now I’d like to make multilingual websites all day long haha !

    OK, no problem. I will insert it into the Wiki for you. 😉

    Have fun!

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