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[Plugin: Multisite Language Switcher] Multi-site multi-lingual with WP E-commerce set-up works

  • First, just want to say thanks for a GREAT plug-in realloc!

    I’ve actually got this set-up running right now so I’m not really looking for help. But I’m just so damn grateful I just needed to say Thank You!

    I’ve been struggling for weeks to get my site and theme running with qrranslate and Polylang. If anyone is interested I could paste the procedure – really simple.

    The only thing I thought was missing is to allow the dashboard displaying in a single language through all the sub-sites. I used this plug-in (Admin in English) if anyone is interested.


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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Thanks for the link. It’s something like WP Native Dashboard, isn’t it?

    I didn’t know about that plug-in, but yes, it seems to be the same. 🙂

    @gustavius, Do you have separate stores for your different languages?

    Yes. Different products display on different sub- language sites. Just add the products on the relevant language dashboard.

    So each language site would have a separate inventory? I’m looking to setup the opposite, I want to have the stores share inventory so it would track/behave as one store, just different languages.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    @r3df You could give WPML a try. 😉

    Mayeb WP E-commerce does have that option (since it allows activation across all sub-sites or just a single sub-site) but I’m not sure. Check out the Getshopped forum.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I’m quite sure that you have just WPML as an option if you don’t want to use a multisite.

    @realloc, I am trying to use multisite. This is the one hole I see in the multisite approach to multilingual. Any sort of registration or purchase system where the multilingual site should behave as one site with common data, ie inventory, or limited registration spots, has this issue. I’ve been trying to find solutions to this so that I can use multisite (and your plugin of course) on all my multilingual sites.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Yes, in your case it seems to be a problem. In most cases it is an advantage to have all the stuff separately. Let us know if you find a way to make that work. I will look for a solution too.

    @rick Radko i have exactly the same problem. besides data, stock, user account, orders, etc you may also want to share the media library or taxonomies of any post type too. it could already help a lot if there would be a 1:1 clone post/term (including all meta) feature in mls. then there still would be some work to program that all post types and taxonomies update when one is changed.

    to me this seems almost impossible and i would rather go with a solution that uses one blog and one post. but even wpml internally uses multiple posts, which means there is still a problem with all custom meta data.

    at the moment i just have a diy solution that is still more of an idea. i will report back when the it grew into some serious code.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I believe that in this case the one blog approach is the right one. A setup like a Magento driven site where the user can choose the language.

    @rick Radko and @chabis I have exactly the same problem.
    Did you try with MarketPress plugin. It seems it is working with multisite installation providing global products and category.
    It is not free but it is quite cheap 19$.
    I think I’m going to try it.

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