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  • Resolved Didi Ananda Advaeta


    I am trying to set up a bilingual site, and have things more or less functioning as to your descriptions in site and other posts. From the site point of view the switching between one and the other site is working nicely. Thanks.

    What i do not understand after associating different pages and files on the 2 sites, when i make an edit in either sites and click update in the MLS nothing happens on the other end (as they are already linked)… In your site says : This association between one page or post of one blog and another page or post belonging to another blog is automatically updated on the other blog too.

    What actually is being updated if the link already exist?

    Seems like this means only the association and not the content, which doesnt make much sense to have an MSL update button here as the link already exists, this is only usefull the first time you make a link after it doesnt seem to have a function…

    My question is then how to keep track of changes in one or the other site….. if there is in the least no sign or opening up of the other linked post to edit after hitting the MSL update button. Am i missing something here, or the plugin just is like this? only links?

    The only time something seems to happen when on the general page with the list of posts and pages an icon appears either to link, or already linked but at least opens the other linked or new page. After editing the first you have to go back to the list of post or pages the click the link to edit the other… why not directly from the update button within? It would be interesting if the icon could maybe show that it still needs editing, when its linked file was edited.

    When i start a new post, the update button is not doing anything as it doesnt have the proper link to related to yet, would be nice here also it the update function here opens a new post on the other site and immediately links to the other new post.

    Please tell me if i am not understanding something, and if i did whether the functionality i am looking for is available or will be available soon.

    Thanks for any further guidance on this.

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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I’m not sure if I really got the problem.

    Of course – if you change the link in the edit mode the plugin will update the association in the current and all other blogs. If there is nothing to do then the plugin will do nothing.

    If you change something in the structure of the blog (the permalink structure for example) the plugin will give you the right links anyway. This is just possible because the MSLS keeps these data in the options-table of each blog.

    So it’s cool that you want see what happens if there is no action needed, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the answer. There is not so much of a problem i suppose just i had a different expectation of your plug in multi language switcher… I expected it would do more then just link.

    What i would like to see is one plug in that keeps track on changes made in posts or pages and advises you, that you have to also update the linked file. Or maybe opens up the other linked file thru the update button in the edit mode. Is this possible feature?

    So if you change content in one, you would be directed to the linked file to also update content there.

    That is what i wanted to know really.

    thanks again.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Interesting. This would be something like a version system but you can also just click on the flags on the right when you saved a post.

    yes , but you have to go back to the pages page instead of going directly from editing page, but in that case would be other interesting feature that the flag link has some red mark that shows you it needs to be updated, so you will be aware the linked file still needs editing.

    Would that be possible?

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    You can click directly from the editing page too. But I will think about your idea to mark updated contents.

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