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  • I’m in trouble here…
    My multilingual multisite was working perfectly with Multisite Language Switcher until today when I installed the plugin FD Word Statistics.

    My network is in French. So is the admin of the main site (main domain. This one has no specific language on the front end.
    Then 3 other sites (sub domains) in French, English, Spanish.
    As I said, it was all working perfectly.

    Now, since I installed FD Word Statistics,
    – On the front end of any page, only the British flag shows but instead of linking to the English translation, it links to the home page of the language I am in already)
    – On the page editor, there too, only the British flag. And in the scroll menu where you choose translated pages, I see the page titles in the language I am in. So let say I am editing a page in Spanish, the page titles by the British flag are in Spanish.
    – My plugin is activated on the network. I checked each site and in Settings/MLS, the settings are still there as they should be.

    I’ve desactivated and even uninstalled FD Word Statistics but it didn’t help. I also uninstalled/reinstalled MLS but it didn’t help either. It’s still the same.

    I dearly hope you’ll see this, Dennis, and that you can help.

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  • Are you sure this has to do with the “FD Word Statistics”-plugin? I had a quick look into the code but I couldn’t find anything that seems to be strange. I know there ware an issue with “All in one SEO” for example …

    I can’t be 100% sure but I can’t think of anything else that I did on my website yesterday except editing a few sentences in some pages. I didn’t touch my MLS settings either.

    There’s one thing though : in the afternoon, I configured the Online Backup settings (from the plugin Online Backup) on my 3 sites. Until then, I was already using Online backup and it was already activated on the network but only my main site was configured and scheduled for backups.
    However, the problem I described occured much later, in the evening, just after I had installed FD Word Statistics.

    For info, I don’t use “All in one SEO”, so in my case, it can’t be that one.

    So I had a look into the code of “Online Backup” and I think this could be the one which creates your problem. There calls are like

    remove_all_filters( ‘site_url’ );
    remove_all_filters( ‘blog_option_siteurl’ );

    and more ,,,

    Let me know if your site is working when you deactivate this plugin.

    I just desactivated “Online Backup” and the problem is still there, exactly the same.

    OK … and try this with all the other plugins you installed too.

    Done. I desactiated all plugins : the ones that were activated on the network (almost all of them) and 2 that were activated locally on each site.
    I reactivated MLS and the problem is still there.

    Oh I just discovered another but.
    I just edited a page (maintenance message on my home page). When updating the page, I got this error message :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_language() on a non-object in /homez.133/lascolan/www/wp-content/plugins/multisite-language-switcher/includes/MslsMain.php on line 65

    I tried several times, also with other pages (in case), it always does that now.
    I then desactivated MLS also and then the page editing worked.

    OK … I should see this by myself. Please send me a login via mail.

    OK I’ll do that

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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