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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Install and activate it as the network-admin so it will be active in all blogs.

    Works on primary site only. On the other sites can only see –

    “You should define at least another blog in a different language in order to have some benefit from this plugin!”

    Hope I haven’t made a mess of this. Please Advise

    On the Super Admin Dashboard, under Users, All Users, I have the

    -Admin – Super Admin –

    -Second user –

    -Third user –

    Urgently need help with this

    Very grateful for any advice

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Please have a look in this thread.


    Hi Dennis

    I looked at all forum posts before posting and the link you gave me is defiantly the most relevant.

    The difference is that the other poster, has all emails matching over all domains.

    We don’t have that, and are getting that message

    “You should define at least another blog in a different language in order to have some benefit from this plugin!”

    on the 2 subdomains.

    We just can’t see what to do.

    Our Primrary domain – is a (italian)

    Subdomain-1 is – (german)

    Subdomain-2 is – (english)

    These all have different emails matching each domain.

    Do you think we have we messed this up.

    Do we need to do a fresh install of everything?

    I hope this is clear

    Thanks again


    Ok, just an update, to help anyone else experiencing the same problems.

    For the 2 subdomains, we had an extra 2 admins (one on each)

    Deleting these users and in the super admin panel, under all sites/sites/site settings.

    change the default email here to the super admins email.

    Thanks to Dennis for the quick replies and an amazing plugin.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I know that the email-thing is very often a show stopper. In the next version the detection will look for this problem too.



    Some new for the next version ??

    You”r plugins is good, but there is a real probleme with the email …
    I use it for 5 website, and sometime it work well immediatly, sometime it don”t see that the user is admin for each blog … and sometime it work after few days do nothing -.-

    I use same metodology for each website, multisite.
    I try the solution here, and it work for one website, not for an other …

    Please, make it work well 🙂
    Thanks 😉

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    @tsouliang Please, explain what you mean with “and sometime it work after few days do nothing”. The new version is already available.



    hum, it seem : with only waiting sometime it work ^^
    But sometime with same metodology, wordpress multi site did not recognize the super admin for all blog.

    So, in fact i ask if it’s not wordpress multisite himself who didn’t work well -.-
    If i create 2 blogs, with the sema user as super admin, in the superadmin dashboard , in “users”, i see that the blogs are not linked with the super-admin ??

    I have the Version 0.9.6, it semms to be the last.

    I don’t know where is the real probleme, wordpress or your problem, it can’t be my config, i do same for 5 website, 3 works in multisites multilanguages.

    Thanks for you’r quick reply 😉

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    You could try this code ->

    This is the easiest way to overwrite the standard behavior of the plugin. array( 1, 2 ) means that you’ll include just the blogs with the IDs 1 and 2.



    oki thanks, i will try that asap 🙂
    See you

    Ouups ^^
    Sorry, but this code, i need to put it in the fonctions.php ??

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Yes, you can put this in the functions.php of your theme.


    hi 🙂

    Thanks for the trick 😉
    I didn’t use it finaly, there was a real probleme but in the multi site wordpress configuration …
    So i finish to import the database of an other site, same structure and now it’s oki 🙂

    And when the admin dashboard understand that one user is admin f 2 blogs, there is no more probleme with your plug.

    Thanks for your plugins, my brobleme was a the lvl of wordpress config so all is correct now, thanks 😉

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    OK, excellent.

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