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  • tried the widget and template tag way with the plugin network activated, but it’s not picking up any of the keywords on other blogs i entered to take this for a test drive.

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  • Plugin Author aliciagh


    Are you sure your installation satisfy all the requeriments?

    WordPress Multisite Installation with MySQL 5.0.1 or greater and create view and drop privileges in WordPress database.
    Permalink structure must be diferent to default when widget is activated in a blog of your network.

    If all requeriments are satisfied, can you show me the error that you see when plugin is activated?

    I’ve got WP3 with MS subdomains enabled, running PHP Version 5.2.6. I put in some test words in two different subdomain sites and searched from the main/root site, but the plugin wasn’t able to pick up any of the titles/tags/content words I tested for. There aren’t any errors that display with the plugin. It’s just that the SERP doesn’t come up with any matching results.

    Plugin Author aliciagh


    I don’t test the plugin in MS with subdomains but, could you paste here the URL for page of search results?

    Thank you so much for looking into this! =)

    I’m also doing multisite with subdomains.

    Michael, were you searching from your main domain or one of your subs?

    Though the plugin appears to work fine so far from the primary blog (under construction:, your search is at the top of the left column), it doesn’t find anything with the same search from a subdomain ( It appears to be looking for a /globalsearch/ page under the subdomain, which seems a bit unnecessary to me – I’ve got 56 subdomains at the moment, and I’d rather not have to build a globalsearch page for each of them (and any future…).

    Perhaps you can include a setting for the URL of the globalsearch page which would be honored by any subdomains.


    Plugin Author aliciagh


    I Think the problem with subdomains isn’t globalsearch page. I have to investigate more. Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks.

    I am using MySQP 5.1.5, but am getting the same error. I have searched WordPress and the general Internet, but the information I find just seems cryptic and untelling. Is there an additional step aside from what I have already done…

    Downloaded plugin.

    Unzipped plugin.

    Uploaded plugin to wp-content/plugins/.

    Activated plugin via Super Admin cp.

    This is where I get the error.

    Also, I still don’t understand what you mean by “default global search uri: globalsearch”. Is this a setting? If so, where do I set it? Is there another name for this? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    This is the error I get when activating the plugin:

    Error creating search views in the database. Deactivate Multisite Global Search and check you have create views privilege in your WordPress database.
    Illegal mix of collations for operation ‘UNION’

    It is installed on this multisite blog:

    Hi Alicia,

    Any news?

    I just got around to trying it with a subdomain site which has a globalsearch page… I don’t get a “page not found” error, which is good, but I also don’t get any results when performing searches which do show results when run on the base domain site. So at the very least it’s not searching the base site’s blog from a subdomain.

    I made a few changes and got it sorta working the way I’d like it to. First, at line 159 of multisite-global-search.php I changed

    echo get_bloginfo( 'url' ).'/'.$page.'/';


    echo ''.$page.'/';

    to hard code it to return to the globalsearch page on the base site. Now I won’t have to build 55 more globalsearch pages.

    Then I changed $userid = get_current_user_id(); at about line 400 under /* Search only on user blogs. */ to $userid = 1, as that is the superadmin of all the blogs associated with the site. I’m curious as to why that would even be there, as I would think that a visitor would want to search a) when they’re not logged in as a user and b) across all the sites rather than just the ones they’ve registered for. As expected, this change allowed the searches to be performed across all blog posts on all subdomains by users who are not currently logged in. Ideally you’d want to change the code such that it simply lists ALL the live blog IDs in your $userblogs definition, and perhaps have the ability through the widget to opt-out certain blogs from searches. You might want to have a radio button to “search only blogs where I’m a member” for users who are logged in, but I’d think that would be a secondary need.

    Also, I noticed that the search appears to only look at Post pages, not Page pages. Is there any way to change that to look at the Pages site-wide? That’s where the majority of the search-worthy material is on the site I’m working with. I see you’re using v_posts. I’m not familiar enough with the underpinnings of WordPress to know if there’s a similar v_pages which would do that.

    Thanks for any ideas.


    “default global search uri: globalsearch” refers to the “landing” page for the search results. You have to first change from the default permalinks to one of the other variations (it’s in the instructions) and then create a page named “globalsearch” with the permalink url http//

    I assume you could change that setting to any other page name and URI, but I haven’t tested that myself.

    The instruction “check you have create views privilege in your WordPress database.
    Illegal mix of collations for operation ‘UNION'” means that you may not have given the necessary priviledges to your mysql user. Specifically, the user needs to be assigned the ability to “create views”. Check with your web host.

    One more tweak and I have what I want.

    I changed

    AND post_type = 'post'


    AND (post_type = 'post' OR post_type = 'page')

    at about line 415, in the definition of $request.

    Hope that helps somebody.

    Plugin Author aliciagh


    Thanks @billc108!!

    Yes, you can change the permalink url http// to any other page name and URI and it works ;).

    I just update the plugin with new features. Now you can search through all your post and all your pages 🙂

    Then I changed $userid = get_current_user_id(); at about line 400 under /* Search only on user blogs. */ to $userid = 1

    This lines only works when user select “Search only on my blogs”. I change search form, now radio button to “search only blogs where I’m a member” is only showed when user are logged in.

    Sorry for my english.

    @aliciagh, Can you contact me off forum when you get a chance? I’d like to be able to search tables created by another plugin (Events-Manager) as well, but I’m unclear on exactly how to modify the $request statement to do so. My attempts so far have only broken things. I suspect it’ll take some more modification when it comes time to display/link the results, as Events Manager doesn’t use the Posts table structure, but that’ll be the easy part.

    If we can get that working, I think your plugin will be VERY popular among the folks who use Events Manager as the events are not currently searchable.

    You can reach me through

    PS: your english is fine so far.

    Plugin Author aliciagh


    @billc108 I’ve just taken note about this new feature, but I don’t have time until march. Thanks anyway 😉

    PS: I like your page! And thanks for use my plugin 😀

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