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  • Plugin Author twoenough


    Caffienated Content site currenlty says: “We have decided to take Caffienated content off the market for the forseeable future until we have ironed out the bugs…”

    So the main difference is that our plugins work 🙂

    I can’t tell you more because I never used CC and can’t use it anymore…

    I do appreciate your response, however it didn’t really stimulate me to purchase – in fact I found it to be quite irritating. Your statement that its no longer being sold is a flat out betrayal of the truth. Anyone who visits will find it still available for purchase at a modest price. And, it’s still has great support.

    Rather than provide some constructive insight that would validate your offer, you chose to simply say that CC doesn’t work, it’s not available anymore, and your product is the answer. Pretty lame for an outfit that’s trying to promote a new product – leads me to wonder if we’ll get the same half-baked attitude when seeking support because it has bugs…

    It’s interesting to note that there is an outfit that has literally copied the code, line for line, from CC and has packaged it as their own solution – that wouldn’t be you guys would it? If not then please enlighten us…

    I have to say that I’ve used Caffienated Content for several years and while its not perfect I find it suitable for most of my needs. Yes, there are some issues with it these days (that are being resolved) but it still works for the large number of individuals who already own it as well as those intersted in purchasing new.

    The fact is that I’m looking for something that will offer a BETTER solution. Your lame answer doesn’t really sell me on the fact that your product is going to fit the bill; in fact it leaves me wondering if I’ll just throw some money away on a plugin that I already own…

    If it’s truly a better solution then please provide an answer that persuades us to believe it.

    Plugin Author twoenough


    First off, i am sorry if my first reply came off as crass, that is not how it was intended at all. I told you i am not familiar with CC so i made a search on google. The first result was with the big message that CC is not on sale anymore due to bugs and programming issues. Again, i don’t know CC, i don’t know which site is legit or not.

    Secondly, the reason that I did not come on here and run down a list of features, benefits, and reasons why MultiPress is superior to CC is simply due to the fact that this is a free version. This is the precise reason that we have created a free trial offer and placed it here for anyone that is interested. Instead of simply using words, false claims, or shouting from the rooftop that our software is the best thing since sliced bread, we allow potential customers to download it for free, use it, play around with it, and test it out before deciding to purchase the paid version.

    If I came on here and instantly started marching around and saying that MultiPress was better than CC, it would be far less ethically responsible, seeing as I mentioned the fact that I personally have never tried it.

    Many companies, product creators, and salesmen are more than willing to directly try an answer the question, “is your product better than product X, product Y, or product Z?”

    That is however a matter of personal preference and speculation. It is quite common for any software developer to feel that their new product is the best on the market… that is most likely always their intention when the design and creation begins. Thus, we feel that directly answering a question like that has no real value anymore, and that offering a free trial for everyone to test out themselves is the best way to answer that question without any bias or alternative motives.

    Finally, I would ask that you try and refrain from using blanket statements or false accusations in your future posts or discussions. Your comments revolving around “bad support” and “stolen and repacked code” are unjustified and do not warrant any real response.

    Our company has been successfully provided valued customer support and popular software for years and we have the loyal client base to prove it. We have thousands of happy, successful, and repeat customers behind us

    If you are not comfortable trying out our free version of the plug-in, or are completely satisfied with Caffeinated Content, then MultiPress is obviously not the software for you.

    And I can wholeheartedly understand that.

    We have never had any false illusions that every webmaster or marketer out there would love our product; instead we focused on ensuring those that are interested in giving it a try can have the best possible experience possible.

    We would love if you downloaded the free trial and gave it a spin for yourself and do your own judgment as in how it compares with CC. But that is a choice you will have to make based on your personal situation and needs.

    Thank you for the reply. I can appreciate your comments about refraining from certain comments, however as a former and potential customer I feel entitled to an intelligent and informative response to a legitimate question. My aim was not to discredit you guys but simply to get a good answer to the question of what makes this product worthy of investing my time to try it out. I suppose the inclusion of CC as a reference point was the fly in the ointment here and for that I apologize.

    I do appreciate the free trial download but given that time is the most precious comodity I own I simply can’t warrant wasting it on just trying everything that comes along – I need to be compelled to do so by a valid overview of what the potential product will offer me.

    My original question stemmed from the fact that a full list of features was not available (or, I wasn’t smart enough to be able to locate it). I did, however, find everything I needed today when I made another visit to the site and discovered a great deal more info on the product than had previously been available there. I would have been very satisfied had you simply directed me to that info in the first reply to my question.

    In fairness I must say that I’m pleased with the overview of info I found there and am now persuaded to try your product. If it does everything you say it does then it will be a better solution and I will no doubt become a long-term customer and proponent of your product.


    Plugin Author twoenough


    I am sorry again that my first answer was not as clever as you expected. The issue is that people assume i just know how any other plugin or software works and i can make a comparison between our plugin and any other. That is far from truth. I usually don’t care about competition or similar plugins. I don’t buy it, i don’t use it, i don’t test it. I just try to come up with useful stuff, that i use myself and i believe other people will like as well and even willing to pay for it. If i succeed, great. If not, no big deal. I will keep trying 🙂

    Have a nice day and prosperous work.

    Difference between this and CC is that Multipress can make you get banned on adsense because some of they links are to affiliate sites and websites that are not allowed to be linked on a website with adsense code.

    As well Multipress will make your website gets SEO Penalties for linking to a nonrelevant websites, as well you will get PR punishment because linking in every post to same site looks like bought links.

    So be careful with using multipress, you can easy turn your website in bad neighbor.

    Plugin Author twoenough


    You are probably kidding. I don’t want to think that you really believe what you are saying.

    “..links to affiliate sites and websites that are not allowed to be linked on a website with adsense code.”

    Since when you can get banned from adsense for linking to affiliate sites?! Or any other site as a matter fact (excluding porn or illegal sites)…

    That is a very good joke :)).

    Anyway, seriously now, first of all there are no affiliate links added in the posts, and second, the links that are added are to legit sites, mostly blogs.

    Are you CC owner or just paid to make them good press?! :))

    I m not making anyone anything. I just want to warn people that they could get banned. You could get greedy, you could place in your machine link to a beer website by thinking that its harmless and that way many people could lose adsense.

    And what about other penalties?
    Stuffing your website posts with irrelevant links that will just make your site receive penalties in search engine.
    I really doubt you will make any cash by stuffing peoples websites, instead of that you could place paypal donation button and i m sure your plugin will have better rating and you will make more cash, because honestly i really don’t know who will use your plugin and receive penalty if there is old WP O Matic which is free and wont make you get banned or penalized….

    P.S. i m just webmaster that works daily on websites

    Plugin Author twoenough


    ONE link in a post is NOT link stuffing! There is a paid version of the plugin as well for anyone that does not like ONE link in a post. Your warning is silly and not based on any facts. Don’t assume what we could get or not, you have no idea about that.

    Recommending wp-o-matic against multipress is at least funny and it will surely not help anyone.

    Beside wp-o-matic being not updated for more then 2 years and reported with many issues like making duplicate posts, is also not even doing 15% from what our multipress can do. Wp-o-matic limited to rss only.

    I started out with the free version and was relatively happy with it.

    It does put ads at the end of about 75% of your posts and they are completely unrelated to anything in your posts and are often quite scammy looking. For example: Make money with blogs!

    Anyway it worked fine on a new blog I was setting up. I had 2 – 4 rss rules set up and everything was working so I purchased the product.

    (I had to go back and edit the ads out of all the old posts by hand but that wasn’t the end of the world.)

    I added more rules and installed the usual plugins and then Multipress stopped working. I have not been able to get those issues resolved.

    Yesterday I was hopeful that the problems had been resolved because I was notified of an update. But when I performed the update, all it did was revert back to the free version and put ads in my new posts. It did not fix the problems.

    So I want to give a few tips about the free plugin: 1) the ads are pretty jarring, 2) if you upgrade to paid you will need to edit all the ads out by hand, 3) if you upgrade to paid do NOT update the plugin because it will revert back to the free version, 4) most important – before you pay, test it out on a fully configured blog with lots of traffic and with all the rules you will ever need because once you upgrade to paid there are NO REFUNDS.

    I used the free plugin too (i may be one of the first users) and then upgraded to paid. Free and paid plugins are actually same, the rules created with free plugin will even work with the paid plugin, the only difference is the links in posts.

    I can’t say i loved the free links in the posts (that is why i upgraded) but i don’t think is anything wrong with it either. Most of the links i noticed in my posts were to some services or sites operated by the same company and none of them to any shady site.. There was no adult, gambling, etc.

    I have had no problems after moving to paid.

    @twoenough yea its sad that old wp o matic is still best option for grabbing rss. Its very old but it works better than any other autobloging plugin. Duplicate content can be easy fixed.

    And as i say, any serious webmaster will not use your product or will pay you for removing links, but then again why would he waste money if there are plugins that dont fill your website with totally irrelevant links which bring penalty on search engines…

    And No refunding of your product just makes this plugin already at 3 stars, i m pretty sure it will go more down.

    You had good idea, but monetizing it, was totally wrong…

    just installed wp o matic and have the duplicate content problem.

    just curious how you took care of that since you mentioned it was an easy fix.


    google it, type in wp-o-matic duplicate content, you will find tens blogs with coding solution and i bet cleverplugin have the plugin for it, not sure if its free.

    Plugin Author twoenough


    @dadaas, should we take it that you are not a serious webmaster?! It looks like you are using our plugin instead of those aged ones you praise.

    As about our refund policy, we offer a 100% free two weeks trial. That is enough time for any serious webmaster to decide if the plugin worth pay for or not. What you think is better, a 14 days refund policy like wprobot has or a fully working and free 2 weeks trial?!

    @sailpilot, looks like you are out of luck. Unless you know php and can fix wp o matic yourself, you may have to pay for a plugin that will fix the other plugin bug. 🙂

    @everybody else: that happens when you are taking advices from people that have no idea what they are talking about… Do your own due diligence and don’t listen all the trolls…

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