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  • Hi,

    I have some trouble with the links of my two sites. I currently have a network wordpress, correctly installed to have two translations of the same blog. It all runs well, and users can navigate between the two languages – comforting me that both network and multilingual press function properly.

    Or do they? My blog runs with the Mantra theme (crazy work, thanks the team for such a well-made and free theme) and use their Presentation Page feature. On which I cannot seem to add my little multilingual flags, but that’s not the purpose of my post here.

    The real problem is with the Posts Page. It is the only page (web-wisely) that cannot be properly translated. The links are all wrong, no matter what I do to them.

    There is some consistency though. On the english version, both flags redirect to a page named “games-logo” (once on the root site, once on the french site on which the page does not exist). Mutually, the french site shows flags that redirect to a “logo-du-jeu” page, on the root and translated site (need I say “game’s logo” and “logo du jeu” mean the same thing?).

    Here is a wrong link – quite interesting stuff as it should link to itself.

    I have tried re-creating pages, and got different (wrong) links but with still the same consistency. I also tried to make modification to the database, after having found the multilingual table. I probably did not understand the tables, or maybe my memories of the MySQL web client are not what I hoped. Any ways, it has not been conclusive (links didn’t even change to something wrong), but I did not break anything.

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