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  • Hello there 😉

    your multilingual press plugin looks really promising …

    when it comes to websites with multiple languages i do prefer a language setup in sub directory structure, e.g.

    which seems to be perfectly possible with your plugin 😉

    i prefer the sub directory language structure because of the SEO aspect of a website, as google treats sub domains, like, … … differently

    to get a good SEO all different languages should be within one domain, like listed above.

    this works fine with one domain name, but how would i achieve the same results with another domain name in the same wordpress multi site install?

    let’s say i setup another domain in the same wordpress multi site install in another sub directory. 2 or more subdirectories for each language ->

    and then i’m going to map those domains with MU domain mapping plugin. but here i’m not sure how to domain map those sub directories? because i want to achieve the same results as with the first, primary, domain in the wordpress multi site install. -> -> ->

    but mapping to domain names with sub directories doesn’t make much sense?? i could always map to sub domains … -> -> ->

    but then the languages would be spread out in sub domains, which i don’t want to have as this is not the perfect setup for SEO.

    so … my question ->

    is my suggested language sub directory setup with a second domain in the same wordpress multi site possible? or would i need to setup another wordpress multi site install for the second domain?

    or could i use apache mod rewrite to tweak things?

    maintaining one wordpress install for multiple domains is just a lot easier than having multiple wordpress installs for each domain …

    any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome! and also thanks for this nice plugin 😉

    greetings & fun

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  • Hi becki, I’m subscribing to this thread because I’d like to participate in the implications and possibilities of this kind of scenario.

    Normally I work with subdomain configurations, but I’m having a hard time trying to understand your proposition… Have you came to any conclusion or done further tests?

    I’m still testing so cannot offer any insight, but will post any advances I make.


    hi brasofilo 😉

    not sure what makes it so hard for you to understand?

    the question simply is -> can i use only one wordpress multisite install to get a sub-directory language structure for 2 or more domain? … /de/ … /fr/ … etc … /de/ … /fr/ … etc …

    or would i need separate wordpress multisite installs, one for each domain, to get this working?

    from the SEO aspect of a website i do prefer languages in sub-directories instead of sub domains. this is the important thing for me.

    so … if you got any further questions, then please ask

    also didn’t get any other reply from the plugin devs and also didn’t do any more research by mysefl on that topic

    hope that helps & all the best


    Hi becki

    I’m in a similar situation and as far as I understand you need separate wordpress multisite installs, one for each domain, to get this working.

    The Network setup in the Multisite install requires to choose between one of two options: sub-domains or sub-directories. As you don’t want to use the language as part of a sub domain it’s clear, you have to install one multisite install for each domain.

    There might be tweaks around but they are certainly not supported.

    Hello becki, I am about to try the same thing you wrote about a month ago.
    Did you try using domain mapping after all?
    Have you decided to use subfolders?

    hi @meetwp,

    yes, i tried domain mapping and it works without any problems.

    but for my special setup described above i would need separate wordpress multisite installs for each TLD to get the language sub-directory structure working.

    it’s not possible to do that with only one wordpress multisite install for 2 or more domains …

    hope that helps


    check this post then.
    I think we need to activate a multi network plugin.

    Let me know if you want to join forces and get this thing solved together!

    Plugin Author Robert Windisch



    the use of a multinetwork Plugin would help you with this special request. But you need to select the blogs which are connected, but in the second network you will not see the list of blogs because we use a sitemeta to save the blogs who are connected. This will not available on other sites. We could check our plugin for that, but I am sure that will be special feature.

    So the best way is to use just one domain with multisite and then install Multilingual Press.
    As the structure would be easy to map.
    While if we use multi multisites with different domains then Multilingual Press does not understand how to connect the content, right?

    Plugin Author Robert Windisch


    You can use different domains in the same site, You only get problems when you want to connect blogs from different sites with Multilingual Press. We can create a special feature for our plugin which can handle multi multisites. But because this is a special request and only a small number of users will need that feature, we would put that into the PRO version of the plugin.

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