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  • Hi … I am starting to work with your plugin and would like to recommend a feature for you. Feature: have the ability to choose what User Roles have the ability to add posts to a newsletter. Currently, anyone with Contributor capabilities or higher have this ability. For my site, I don’t want Contributors or Authors to create newsletters and begin spamming my visitors. I would like to restrict this to Editors and Administrators, if possible.

    Anyway … just a suggestion.

    Kind regards.

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  • One more feature to recommend: the ability to choose to send email to all confirmed members of a site, ranging from Contributor to Administrator. This way, a separate address repository is not required.

    Choice 1: Send to all registered users
    Choice 2: Send to a specific group email address: []

    I do like the base functionality of this plugin.

    Another suggestion for you: in the section to actually write the newsletter and send it off, it would be nice for all the posts to be ln a scrollable framed list with check boxes so one could select the posts relevant for the specific newsletter.

    Currently, I would have to go into each post and independently select each post eligible, then go create my newsletter, send it, then go back and remove the selection tick from the same posts by going in to each manually. Having a scrollable list would eliminate this and make the creation of a newsletter that much easier.

    Suggested feature $: allow an option to only show an excerpt of the story included in the newsletter with a [read more] link directing the user back to the site. This will help 1) shorten the newsletter and 2) help to drive traffic to the website. This would be very beneficial to those whom have monetized their sites and would be able to use this as a great marketing tool.

    Hi … after looking back this morning on what I wrote yesterday, I wasn’t clear on my first note. My request for restriction by role referenced what a post writer is able to do when creating a post. The restrictions are ok for creating the template, sending out a newsletter, etc, however someone at a contriubtor level has the ability to enable their post to be included in newsletters.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you need me to further clarify.

    Kind regards.

    Plugin Author Thomas (inactive)


    1st suggestion: Updated to the capability ‘manage_options’. In future there will be an option for the users to check.

    2nd suggestion: I think this is a nice idea. I’ll implement this in a future version. Send to specific adress oder a user group. Choice will be set in the newsletter, optionally in the config.

    3rd suggestion: We talked about it in the mails. Yes. I’ll implement this. Or, you have the code 😉

    4th suggestion: Ah, okay. That wasn’t in the mail I got. I’ll check this and build a fix for the upcoming version.

    Thanks and kind regards!

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