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  • This plugin doesn’t work at all in version 3.0. Shame, because it was exactly what I was looking for…

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  • Yeah, I’ve tried it many times, I’ve never had success with it, I have almost nothing but multi page posts and I get no extra navigation features, regardless of the settings, or if I use the template tag. I’ll get back to you if I get it to work or find an alternative.

    I am also interested

    Yes an alternative which does the same would be great

    Yep. Just found out this plug was the one breaking my perma links. I am looking for a viable alternative for multi page posts. Any ideas?

    I gave up, I decided to let posts be as long as I want and just use a table of contents index.

    Still, this plugin is a must for one that wishes to publish, let’s say, a book divided by chapters.

    It makes a huge difference in maintenance (and not only) to be able to keep the whole book in one file, post it and have the multiple pages automatically.

    If you create a category for each chapter and have your blog show one post per page, wouldn’t it acheive the same? You could show the chapters in a widget with a numbered pagnation system for the pages in the cahpters. The only real difference I can see it would’nt be one file.

    Yes, that is the real bonus of this plugin: one can keep all the chapter of one book in a single file, perhaps not too useful if one has just a few books, but it is of tremendous usefulness if one needs to publish hundreds, or thousands, of books. The workflow would be improved so much:

    1) Keep one file per book (perhaps using Markdown to specify Chapters)
    2) Create one post per book
    3) have it automatically published as a multipage book

    Another way to go about it could be to use a “post in post” system. You can create chapters as seperate posts, then add them all to another post with shortcode. This would create the same effect as a single file, with all chapter posts organized under the main book post.

    This is what I had to do, being in a similar situation as yourself. I’m doing a site with 100’s of travell itinerary books. I wanted to do mutipage but I need the books to be downloadable as a pdf, so all content for each book had to be on one page and as full posts. So I use a very good table of contents which links all headings in a menu on the page, and as “back to top” anchors.

    The posts in posts worked for me, but it creates an odd situation in WP where the main post shows it’s chapter-posts in what looks like an archive page, and always as exceprts (even without “the_excerpt”). So I had to increase excerpt length to 9000 words to be sure nothing gets left out.

    In your case, you could show excerpts or “short_link” for each post, unless you too have a reason to immediately show the full content.

    Anyway, just a thought. If I encounter another good muti page post system I’ll let you know.

    Here’s what I’m doing.

    Table of page contents (if applicable) appears immediately in archive view. The posts within posts index appears in single post view, the main post index is always available in the sidebar. So it’s like 3 levels within a single post file.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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