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  • Hi there,

    I’m using your lovely plugin on the twentyeleven them – looks great, except I only ever see 5 entries posted. Here’s my shortcode:

    [mctagmap columns=”3″ num_show=”20″ more=”more »” toggle=”« less” show_empty=”yes” tag_count=”no” width=”170″ equal=”yes” from_category = 15 ]

    I figure this is something to do with me using the ‘from_category’ option, and the notes you’ve put under the ‘theme addition’ heading in the install docs, but I sadly don’t know what that code is trying to do. I did try pasting that into my tag.php in a few places, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

    I know you’ve said you cannot support specific themes – but can you give any hints on what that PHP is trying to do or what problem it is fixing?

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  • Plugin Author tugbucket


    Do all the posts in category 15 have more than 5 tags combined total?

    Can you give a link the page in question?

    Thanks tugbucket.

    The page is here… it’s supposed to be restricted to members only, but I’ve made it public for now. If you click on any of the profiles, you won’t see much because that is restricted (but it works for folks with logins).

    There are eight posts in that category, and yes, they have 8 different tags (they’re tagged by name).


    Plugin Author tugbucket


    I poked around and everything looks in order so I’m not sure what is going on. Is there anyway you would be willing to set me up a temporary admin account so I can see under the hood?


    Sure can – have emailed you the details. Thanks again for your help.

    was there a resolution to this? I too have more than 5 tags in a category with only up to 5 showing

    Plugin Author tugbucket


    Your going to have to give either more details or a link to the page you are using the plugin on.

    Currently 22 tags under a category. If I add in from_category = ID, the 22 reduces to 5. on another page, a different category, it correctly selects out a separate tag when using from_category = that different category

    If I delete line 165 of mctagmap.php
    ‘$posts_array = get_posts(‘category=’.$from_category.’&numberpost=-1′);’
    I get sorry no tags when from_category is enabled (correct behaviour). If I printr posts_array I get just 5 records (not 22)

    At the bottom of the this page a tag map with and without from_category

    Hi jpkidd – no, I didn’t find a resolution to this. But hoping you do… please post if you work it out.


    I found the problem and it is working for me

    in mctagmap.php, at line 165 as mentioned in an earlier email, it should read numberposts — with an “s”, other wise the default for get_posts of 5 applies I believe as you and I experienced it 🙂

    Plugin Author tugbucket


    Whoa, good catch. I worked with Dan over email a while back and never noticed that typo. I will do my best to try and get an update out to fix that by end of the week.

    whoa, good plugin, thanks

    Thanks for the fix!

    Plugin Author tugbucket


    I updated the plugin to version 12.0 and I added a fix for this issue.

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