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    Whenever I call mtouch quiz now, i noticed that it “push” my sidebar down. I tried different theme to see if this is an issues of the theme I am using presently. But it’s not. It seems that there is something wrong about mtouch quiz?

    Anyone have any idea about why mtouch quiz behave like this?

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  • Can I get a link to your quiz? I will take a look. This can also be caused by improper HTML tag closure in your questions, answers, etc.

    It works on my site, but I’ll be happy to take a look. Please post a link to your quiz.


    That would be very kind of you. Thank you!

    Check the HTML in your start screen. Something starts going wrong and tags were closed at the wrong time there. It could be something to do with your language support to embed characters around.

    Do this: Create a blank quiz with 1 question. No math symbols, only in english etc. And put it on a new page and see if it works with no issues.

    We can go from there.

    Also, check out MathJax to do your LaTeX it will look much nicer!

    omg, i saw that, thanks so much!!!

    So is your issue resolved after the omg, or are you still trouble shooting?

    I shot it! Thanks, you are pro!

    My pleasure. Glad I could help out.

    By the way, just a question, cause you released your add on in conjunction with Gravity Form, do you have plan to include “Formidable Pro” to support your add on as well?

    Cause I have bought that, but not Gravity…..

    Gravity Forms is top notch. I think you would be very pleased with it if you decided to switch. It is well worth the small price even if you bought something else already. I highly recommend it.

    I don’t anticipate expanding to another product anytime soon since GF is extremely popular and really amazing! Trust me–it’s good!

    Thanks, I will look into it.

    Ah I’m sorry to read this. I opted for Formidable too because I like the functionality it has for custom displays and to create new posts from form entries. I have Gravity Forms installed on one of my other sites, but only with a single site license because I went with Formidable ever afterwards.

    I see it has been 10 months since you said you don’t anticipate expanding MTouch Quiz’s compatibility with another product, so I wonder if your thinking has changed at all given Formidable’s growth and success as an alternative to Gravity in that time?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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