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  • I have the same problem with the Audio Player plugin.

    I backed out of WP 3.4 and installed 3.2.1 instead. The player is still not working. This must be a jQuery issue. I deactivated all plugins but MP3-jPlayer and still could not get it working.

    Any updates on this? I too have the same issue. I originally thought it was my W3TC plugin or maybe Cloudflare, but after removing minify, caching, and Cloudflare, it still does not work.

    Now on a fresh new copy of 3.4.1, with no plugins installed, it works fine. No errors in Firebug.

    Spoke to soon. It seems to be working again. It seems that WP-minify needed to be re-enabled since I was using that with W3 Total Cache (without minify). I disabled it a couple days ago, and went with W3 by itself (with minify).

    WP-minify must have kept some settings, because when I went back to the old way, everything now works.

    I have to say, these minifying programs are very tricky, to say the least.

    I can confirm that MP3-J is working on WP 3.1.4. Just make sure if you are using any caching plugins, to exclude jquery and mp3-jplayer, including CSS.

    To the posters above, try including a link to your site, so someone can take a look at the code.

    I am unable to get the plugin to work, using a hotlink or URL to another site where my mp3’s are hosted. Under “settings” where it says

    “Folder or URI
    Set a default folder or uri for playing mp3’s in the box below, eg. /music or
    You just need to write filenames in playlists to play from here.
    Default path:”

    I tried adding the URL for the folder where the MP3 files are located and nothing. I tried adding the MP3, file names to the URL and nothing. The playlist is visible in the player, but when I click on a title nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Post your shortcode – maybe someone can pick it up.

    I am using this plugin successfully twice, one for a shoutcast stream, and the other for an mp3 folder.

    I’ll try to help.

    Thank you! I copied and pasted the shortcode that the developer included with the demo for this particular version of the player since he shows several versions. and changed out his titles for mine. Here is the shortcode I used.

    Developers Shortcode:

    [mp3-jplayer tracks=”
    Played Squared (Live)@playedsquared-live2007.mp3,
    ” width=”200px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”=”n”]

    Here is mine:

    [mp3-jplayer tracks=”mid-beta_mid-alpha.mp3,high-theta_delta.mp3,mid-alpha_delta.mp3,absolute-sweep-10min.mp3,absolute-sweep-15min.mp3,
    ” width=”200px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”n”]


    Try this:

    [mp3-jplayer tracks=”FEED:/mp3″ pick=”5″ width=”200px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”n”]

    Place your 5 mp3 files under the /mp3 directory, which is in the same directory with wp-content, wp-admin and all the other wordpress directories.

    chmod your mp3 directory to 755

    I just tested this as well, if you want to remote host your files.
    Just replace with your site, and also the mp3 directory if that is not what directory they are in.

    [mp3-jplayer tracks=”,,,,,
    ” width=”200px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”n”]

    Thanks for all of you help, but I will probably need to try another plugin. Still not working. The issue could also be the remote MP3 Hosting site. In any case I can’t spend much more time on this issue with this plugin. I am using another plugin with the remote hosted MP3’s which is working fine but considered this plugin because I needed a MP3 where the playlist was a drop down menu or can be hidden.

    Thanks again!

    mp3-jplayer alternative

    After major difficulties with mp3-jplayer on WP 3.4 and 3.2, I reinstalled WordPress on the client site (WP 3.3.2 was the Fantastico auto install version available). Then I installed the Embed HMTL5 Audio plugin and I am happy with the results.

    One iPad user said the audio halted and restarted when she played it, so there might be some issue there. I need to do more iOS testing.

    don’t work… help..

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