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  • Ok what i mean is, if the music player is set to play music in a folder located on the server, will it

    1. preload all of these music files all at once ?


    2. download 1 song at a time as they are loaded/select to be played ?

    The reason i ask, is because i want to add many music tracks to my list. But if the music preloads all of them when you visit the site, this will slow down loading time of your site, which is not good.

    Preferably i would rather let the music download to cache as the individual song is loaded from a queue or selected manually by the user.

    Is this possible ?

    I would really love to have some feedback, especially from the other.

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  • i think it load 1 track at once , after play like in youtube .

    :/ well i am not sure it does. Why i suspect this is, because it loads music too smoothly, even when you jump time frames, hence it must have already been preloaded the music beforehand when loading the site.

    I mean go check the demo for this other plugin

    That one they do not preload any music until you decide to play a track. And even then, it doesn’t pre-download the next track until it gets called to be played next in the queue.

    This way you can add as many music tracks as you like, and it won’t reduce your website loading time, which can also affect SEO, as google downrates sites which have slower load times.

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    Nothing is pre-loaded, a track starts to load only when it’s started up.

    Once you’ve heard a bit of a track though, if the browser is being helpful it will continue loading up the file from where it left off last time, so it would start playing quick too. You also might have a decent connection!

    you can add as many tracks as you like with no real effect on page load (other than writing the extra html), I’ve had 200 or so mp3s in a player and didn’t notice a difference.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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