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  • First of all, let me thank you IMMENSELY for developing this plug-in. It is EXACTLY what I have been searching for.

    Just a couple of minor questions, however. Is there a way to make the pop-up window a ‘fixed’ window? In other words, hiding the Navigation Bar, Minimize and Maximize buttons?

    Also, is there a way to prevent the ‘Image’ from being tiled when you select an image file to display as the background for the Pop-out Player? I would love the ability to just display an album cover above the Playlist.

    If both of these things are just a matter of subtle code changes or inserts, I am comfortable with making the changes as long as I know what code to enter or change and where to place it.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I also am extremely grateful for this plugin; it is perfect for what I need. However, I also have the same questions regarding the pop out player. I really need to be able to customize it, and I too can do some simple coding if I’m pointed in the right direction. On my own I haven’t been able to make any css mods stick whatsoever.

    Has anyone out there had any luck with this?

    I found the solution.

    1) Go to /wp-content/plugins/mp3-jplayer/js
    2) open mp3-jplayer.js
    3) go to around line 173 and change the location, status, scrollbars, resizable to either 0 for NO or 1 for YES.
    4) line 174, change popup_width & open_at_height to your preferred width and height numbers , ex) newwindow.resizeTo( 300, 110 );

    Plugin Author simon.ward


    For hiding navbar and buttons you can try Bluenotes’ suggestion, though I couldn’t get anything to work cross-browser beyond what is there already.

    To set the window size:
    you can set this from the player settings page. Set the desired window width in pixels, then set the max window height in pixels. If a playlist is shorter than this (or is not open) then the window will adjust for it but won’t go beynd your max height setting you’ve entered (a scrollbar appears instead).

    Changing the image display and CSS is fiddly as some of it is set via js. You can easily turn off the active colour assignment from the settings page but you’ll then need to specify colours/backgrounds/opacities in the stylesheet itself for all the elements that would normally be set from admin. This is the way to stop the popout from actively assigning it’s colours, which it does based on the page it was launched from.


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