Bug in new version - css refers to .png files, graphics are .gif files (2 posts)

  1. bhagerty
    Posted 5 years ago #

    At least some of the CSS for mp3-jplayer 1.4.3 references .png files instead of .gif files, even though a .gif is in the /images directory. For instance:

    In file mp3jplayer-blu-sidebar.css, this line appears:

    background: transparent url('images/pos-handle40.png') no-repeat 0px top;

    But in the /images directory, the file is pos-handle40.gif.

    You should probably fix this, either by changing the CSS to refer to .gif files, or by substituting .png files for the .gifs.

    I do not know how widespread a problem this is. You will need to check all of your CSS. Please let me know when you've fixed this so I can run svn update to get a corrected version of the plugin.

    Thanks! Great plugin!


  2. simon.ward
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 years ago #

    Those background declarations can be replaced with background:none; or just left as they are. Was me removing bg image by typoing it some while ago, either way no worries.

    Mind the cyanALT sheet though as is only one that does use an image for the handle so above correction wouldn't apply!

    thanks again for spotting them!


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