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  • I have been trying to create and MT backup and use the Import MT Backup Tool to import them into WordPress. It took me a long while to get it to at least start importing. This last go round(of which there have probably been nearly 100 tries) I finally noticed that it grabbed the first 2 1meg files which it hadn’t done before. Up to that point, When I ran the program, it corrupted the WP install and I would have to uninstall and re-install WP in order to try again. Usually it would find the first file and say it was importing and stop. Tonight I made sure the ChMod was correct and got a new domain so it wasn’t running in a subdomain. For some reason I thought that might be an issue. It got to the second file of nearly 600 1 meg files and stopped. So I reloaded the page and the third file got processed. Then the same thing happened up until about the 8th file. Then it started finding lots of posts and would import about 2 to 3 of the xml files and stop again. I got to the middle of file 42 by just reloading. It wasn’t the way I had hoped but at least it was importing.

    But by that time, it would run through the first 41 and tell me the post already existed for a while, then would grab about half of the new posts in the last file, 42 and stop. Now the reload won’t work anymore. It basically times out by the time it gets to anything new in backup 42.

    It seems like it is timing out or something. I have over 500+ more 1 meg files to import and I need your help to figure out why the plugin isn’t just going from file 1 to file 586 on it’s own.

    Can you please help me out? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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