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  • I’m in the process of importing a pretty big Movable Type blog to WordPress. It went OK for a while, but at this point, it’s running for over 10 minutes, and depending on comments on a post, it may only import part of one post.

    There are currently 17,170 posts and 240,208 comments. The comments seem to be the slowest; there are posts with hundreds of comments, and it only makes it through around 100 before bombing. Luckily, my customer doesn’t care too much about the dropped end of those threads, but it’s turned the import into a multi-week affair.

    Any ideas of things to try to speed this up?

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  • I might also add that I initially broke the mt-export.txt file up into quarters. For the past year, I’ve done a month at a time. I’ll run the import, it will eventually give me a 500, and then I’ll find the last post, delete from it to the top of the file, and kick it off again.

    (Just so you know I’m not trying to run it on a ridiculously large file.)

    Daniel, have you solved this problem or did you hit a dead-end on this? If you’re still grappling with this issue, I’d be glad to delve into the specifics of it with you.

    I eventually got everything migrated. For the huge comment thread posts, I ended up splitting the export into single-day files. For normal or low-volume periods, I was able to split the months in half.

    I still have the large file if you’re interested in looking at it or trying to see where the disconnect is (for testing purposes only, of course). I did notice that I was using the one from WordPress, not the one you’ve written; maybe yours would have been more straightforward. 🙂


    We’re creating a new importer that doesn’t hit the same memory and php execution time limitations. We’re going to break up the import into smaller actions that repeat over and over again, rather than one very long and very ram-hungry action. This should mean that the importer will work on nearly any server without the need to break up import files into pieces.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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