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    I exported my blogs and comments from ExpressionEngine as MoveableType format so I can import them into WordPress.

    But when I go to import it with the Movable Type and Type Pad importer, it only imports approx. 55 entries and says “all done!” I have entries all the way into December 2010 and it only imported entries up to May 2010. It also doesn’t import any of the comments.

    I checked the import files and the code is all there with the comments and everything. I have 3 files to import and the largest is 1.5MB (under the 2MB limit).

    Here’s the blog I’m working on.

    Any/all suggestions are helpful. Thanks!

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  • On your post listing page in the admin, do the post counts look right or does it look as if there’s something off? I’ve discovered that an import I’m working on is assigning the wrong post_status for posts so that they’re not showing up as published but are showing up in the count for “all” posts.

    In other words, say my blog already had 10 posts and the file I’m importing has 10 posts. I’d expect to see 20 published and 20 “all” after the import. What I’m seeing is 10 published and 20 “all” — the 10 I imported are hidden. But there’s no way to view the 10 new “all” posts because they’re not in the list of published posts.

    Does this describe what you’re seeing too or are your posts simply missing? If it describes what you’re experiencing, I have a fix for the importer in the works.



    Hi Daryl,

    I managed to get this fixed. It turns out that the import was timing out because the size of the file wasn’t able to import in 190 seconds (or whatever the default is set to).

    I had a WordPress guru helping me at a local conference I attended. He was able to extend the time limit and increase the file size limit. It all ended up working well.

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