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  • Love the plugin, but one thing that isn’t working (other than the fatal error which you can find the solution for in one of these posts)…. is that my page write/edit screen displays ALL boxes regardless of the settings in the post type screen.

    Anyone know how to fix that? I’d like a set of fields specific to a box specific to a post type, which is what it SEEMS that more fields claims to do… ?

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  • Nevermind… I think I have the answer… you have to EDIT the base post types… (posts and pages) to set the defaults to REMOVE any new custom more fields boxes/fields added…

    They should NOT be shown by default, imo… but it seems that they are shown by default. Next time I add a new box group of fields, I’ll test to see if it gets checked to be shown by default on the WP Page admin screen….

    Actually, no, this isn’t resolved… it’s a mess.

    I would expect my more-fields post types to contain the boxes I checked for them (eg. a “product” post-type based on a page and set to include my more-fields box group of “product details” fields…. and any other pertinent default boxes I’ve checked off for that post type.

    That isn’t what happens. If the default post and page types have their screen options/boxes set to not show the custom more-fields stuff, the custom more-fields post types won’t show them, either and won’t even offer them in the Screen Options.

    If the default post and page types DO offer the more-fields boxes, then they ALL display on the default post and page screens, including the custom more-fields post types.

    Useless, imo, the way it is. Screen Options should be stored on a per-page basis, not in some global manner. Is this because it’s poorly designed in WordPress itself or some effect of installing More Fields? At this point, I am not sure because I never had the need to restrict what was on the screen until implementing more fields for just that purpose (among others)

    I will investigate other plugins at this point, I think.

    Hmmm… this seems almost bass-ackward, frankly. So… if you remove the default Page, Post and Link admin screens, you’re left with the custom more-fields ones (currently for me, Products and Contact)… but none of the actual pages created show up when I click the Edit links in either… though I can opt to click the “all” or other filter links and see them….

    And oddly, unlike the default Page or Post admin menu tools, when you click on the “Product” heading, it goes to Add New rather than Edit (the list)… it all seems anti-default WP behavior.

    Here’s what I expect to see:

    1) same interface for creating boxes, fields and types (stop using the word post for this, though, it only adds to confusion).

    2) Don’t create new “types” in the left column where page and posts already are and don’t offer to turn those off.

    3) Instead, IN the interface for each of those, offer any “type” that has been created IN A MENU ON THE LEFT< like in Attributes (eg. template, parent, TYPE) and when that is chosen, THEN OFFER the boxes selected to display for that TYPE.

    Stop using Screen Options to control this, it’s lame.

    My two, now until that happens, I’ll go find a plugin that works as expected. I am generally happy with being able to create groups and display the fields but the point was also to make the CMS end of things EASIER for someone who doesn’t understand html or wordpress all that well.

    I think they’d be more confused than I with the current setup, sorry.

    Have to agree with you, syncbox, it’s a mess!

    The type functionality will be removed entirely from More Fields 2.0 and the functionality will be broken out to a new plugin: More Types.

    Creating a new post type in the menu (with post and page) is actually what’s supposed to happen, if you create a new post type via the functions.php with WordPress 3.0 you will see the same effect.

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